Dating service Tinder introduces its own internal currency

What to pay for

Users who stay active and constantly log in to the site or app will receive coins for free. However, they can also be paid with real money, like any in-app purchases. Coins can be used to purchase Tinder benefits such as Super Likes or Boosts, which the service claims will help you find the best match.


Tinder operates on a freemium model, which allows users to use the app without paying. However, users can get additional features on a subscription basis (from $10 to $30 per month), such as more detailed filters, "boosters" and the ability to see people who have expressed interest in your profile.


When to Start.

Tinder is the most popular app for "short-term" dating. The virtual currency will launch first in Australia later this month. There is no mention of a launch date for users in other countries.


And gg's editorial staff can only congratulate Apple on its new source of 30% revenue.


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