Day of birth

Birthday. What is that? Is it just the day when we relieved the mother of those torments in her stomach or is it the day she was preparing for, the hardest and best torment that life can bring her, and that is to be a mother.

As children we wonder what all this is going on around us, why all these great people are running around so much, why they have sad faces and eyes full of tears, why they have some fights with words, why they just don't enjoy life and everything he gave us , why don't they enjoy what they have, be it small or huge, why don't they enjoy the happiness they had when they were little.

And then we grow up and learn that the world is not what it seemed to us and realize that our growing up is the worst thing that could ever happen to us, but it is also the best when we adapt and beautify it in our own way.

We realize that it’s hard to be an adult, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to stay a child at heart and look forward to the little things that make us very happy.

Even a stray dog ​​that finds its new home, and a cat that gets its kittens, and even when every other animal finds a piece of food, they are all grateful and satisfied in their own way to have that little link that makes them happy, because that's all that really matters.


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