Dean karnazes ran 560 kilometers without stopping

Dean Karnazes is an American who is 42 years old. He is the owner of a company that produces healthy food and he is the first person in the world who has run 560 kilometers without stopping. In his interview, he fully described how he felt during the different stages of the run.


So, are you wondering what happens to a person doing such a run?


160 kilometer

My body starts to feel a little bit sore.


224 kilometers.

I've already completely worn out my first pair of custom-made sneakers. My calves, quadriceps and torso are starting to ache. The pain in my body is dull, but sometimes it turns abruptly into spasms. My calves suffer the most - I feel as if I am being pounded on them with a hammer.


320 kilometer.

It's been two nights without sleep. I'm completely exhausted. But when you run the whole night, at dawn, strangely enough, you get a second wind.


336 kilometer.

I destroyed 2 pairs of sneakers today. I feel like my head isn't working properly. It feels like I'm looking at my body somehow from the outside. Must be a deplorable sight.


480 Kilometer.

This is the 3rd night without sleep. I run as if in a delirium, being swept from side to side into the roadway. Passing drivers often honk their horns. At 2 a.m. I noticed that for about forty seconds I fell asleep: right on the move, while running. Remember the children's book "Where the Wild Beasts Are"? Well, I'm already hallucinating: possums and raccoons on the side of the highway seem to turn into the monsters in the book. My assistants are pouring cold water over my head.


Kilometer 488.

It hurts so bad it makes me scream. I just run along the highway and scream. I realize the comicality of the situation and I burst out laughing. I stop laughing and scream again. I look like a crazy person.


Kilometer 496.

"Death March". I put all thoughts of miles out of my head and concentrate only on one thing: my feet - left-right, left-right... I shuffle hard on the asphalt. I've already changed my shoes into four pairs of sneakers. Now the main thing is not to lose the rhythm.


544 kilometers.

Suddenly I come alive. I run as if possessed with a speed of 16 kilometers per hour. It's not even me running, it's my body, I'm floating on top. I can't feel my legs under me, I can't feel anything. It's like I'm flying through the air.


Kilometer 560.

(California, Stanford)

The buzz is unbelievable. I lost three pounds. Burned 40,000 calories. A few minutes after the finish line, my body went numb from hypothermia. They put me in a specially prepared sleeping bag. I only remember someone spoon-feeding me hummus. Then I failed. I slept one night and woke up in the morning.


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