Debunking some of the myths of cleansing

Who does not want their skin looking and feeling healthy.

Here are just a few facts and tips that can help you to keep your face looking and feeling healthy. We all know that cleansing is the answer to beautiful skin, it’s the first step to an effective skincare routine. Although you might think you have your skincare routine down, you might be committing a few common mistakes while washing your face.
Always wash your hands first before cleansing your face.

Over-cleansing the skin affects its pH

MYTH: The more you wash, the better, that's not true.  In FACT Over-cleansing the skin affects its pH, which in turn affects the skin’s immune system, resulting in aging or other problems. Limit face washing to once or twice a day and or after sweating heavely.
Keep in mind that cleansing only once or twice a day (in the morning and evening) could help you avoid over cleansing.
Nighttime cleansing is especially important.
Always remove your makeup befor going to bed, leaving your makeup overnight blocks pores.

Choose a cleanser based on your skin type and concerns

MYTH: All cleansers are the same, that's not true. The TRUTH is You should choose a cleanser based on your skin type and concerns. You get a cleanser for all different skin types like, oily/acne, dry and normal skin.
Always use your fingertips to apply cleanser, using mesh sponge or any other hard cloth could irritate your skin. 

Tight skin after cleansing is a definite NO

MYTH: Skin should feel tight after cleansing.  The TRUTH is that tight skin after cleansing is a definite no, this means your skin has been stripped of its natural essential oils and is dry or dehydrated as a result. Tight skin could be a result of the water being too hot, not using the right cleanser for your skin type, or even over-cleansing.

Water that is hot can actually dry out your skin.  

MYTH: It's good to use hot water for washing your face.18
TRUTH: Steaming hot water might feel good and soothing on your face, but it could damage your skin by removing some of its natural oils that keep the protective moisture barrier intact. Use luke-warm or colder water and gently pat dry with a soft towel after.  Water that is too hot can in fact actually dry out and even harm your skin. 
•Apply sunscreen befor you go outdoors, It will help slow down aging and even prevent skin cancer.
•Self exam your skin regularly for spots that changes itches or bleeds. 
•Do not scrub your skin, scrubbing irritates the skin and could worsen some skin problems.
•Avoid using stong soaps this too can remove the much needed natuaral oils.
•If you feel you have to wash your face more, rinse it wit rooibos infused water after cleansing. Some tap water contains chemicals that can harm, and dry out the skin. 
•Remember to moisturize, applying moisturizer can help to protect your skin from over drying. 


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