Deficiency of minerals causes which disease?

In our busy day to day life, we almost forget to take care of our health in this hectic time. So that in today's time, many diseases have made their home. The reason for this is your unbalanced diet, due to which our body is deficient in the elements it needs to stay healthy. One of them is mineral elements. Which are very important components for our body. Which are described below.



1. Zinc:-Due to lack of zinc, many problems like loss of appetite, weakened immunity, non-healing of wounds, hair loss, eye problems, hindrance in body development and skin related disorders, loss of taste and smell etc. Hence zinc should be included in our daily diet. We get zinc from dairy products, shellfish, pulses, grains etc.

2. Silicon:-Lack of silicon causes brittle nails, dry skin, itching, hair loss, constipation and diarrhea and skin elasticity decreases. If silicon deficiency becomes more serious problems can occur like hepatitis, goiter, diabetes,

Atherosclerosis, hyper tension, kidney and bladder stones etc. Silicon is found in bananas, cereals, rice, green leafy vegetables, green peas, pineapple and lentils.

3. sodium:-Sodium deficiency causes disorders such as aging, headaches, nausea, fatigue, impaired brain function and muscle spasms, and epilepsy. Excessive sodium depletion can cause a person to fall into a coma and even die. We get sodium from soup, pudding, seafood, cheese and packet food etc.

4. Potassium:-Low potassium can cause problems such as irregular heart rhythm, breathing problems, muscle spasms, weakness, high blood pressure, fatigue and constipation. Potassium is found in sweet potatoes, juices, bananas, potatoes, lentils, soybeans, kidney beans, nuts, spinach and white beans.

5. Selenium:-Selenium deficiency can cause problems like hair loss, muscle fatigue, weakened immune system, mental problems, infertility in women and men. Selenium is obtained from beans, cashews, mushrooms, spinach, cottage cheese, brown rice, baked beans, Brazil nuts etc.

6. Copper:-Copper deficiency causes poor eyesight, pale skin, premature graying of hair, difficulty in walking and running, weak and brittle bones, difficulty in learning and remembering, frequent illness, body weakness and fatigue problems may occur. Copper is found in green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, grains, nuts and seeds.

7. Iron:-Iron deficiency causes dizziness, leg cramps, body weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath after doing little work, pale skin, craving for non-nutritious food, headache, irregular heartbeat and swelling of the tongue etc can happen. We get iron from beet, mushroom, cabbage, spinach, jaggery etc.

8. Iodine:-Iodine deficiency can cause abnormal weight gain, neck swelling, fatigue, body weakness, dry skin, unusual coldness, hair loss, memory and learning difficulties, irregular heartbeat, menstrual irregularities and if excess iodine is present in the body goiter can also occur. We get iodine from eggs, dairy products, legumes, fruits like bananas, strawberries and corn, green peas, grains etc.

9. Phosphures:-Phosphorus deficiency can cause problems like loss of appetite, weak bones, weight change, irritability, numbness, weakness in the body, fatigue, anxiety for no reason etc. Phosphorus is found in soya beans, legumes, nuts, seeds and grains.

10. Manganese:-Manganese deficiency can lead to problems such as weakening of bones or their growth slows down, fat and carbohydrate metabolism is not good. We get manganese from blackberries, black tea, hazelnuts, brown rice etc.

11. Magnesium:-Deficiency of magnesium can cause problems like mental health, muscle spasms, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, asthma, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat etc. We get magnesium from green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, whole grains, black beans, lima beans, nuts, seeds etc.

12. Chromium:-Chromium deficiency increases the amount of sugar in the blood, glucose is released in the urine, weight is reduced, and the consciousness in the hands and feet is also reduced. Chromium is obtained from cereals, broccoli, oats, garlic, grains, basil, potatoes etc.

13. Calcium:-Lack of calcium can cause tremors, itchiness in muscles, irritability and lack of freshness in the body. If there is excessive deficiency of calcium in the body, problems like osteopenia, rickets, osteoporosis, brittle nails, tooth decay, muscle spasms, dry skin, chest pain, numbness in thumb and fingers etc. occur. Calcium is found in seeds (poppy, sesame etc.), dairy products, green leafy vegetables, soya beans etc.

14. Boron:-Problems like gout, hyperthyroidism, problems in the functioning of the nervous system,osteoporosis can arise due to lack of boron. Boron is obtained from foods such as coffee, milk, apples, dates, kiwi, red grapes, avocados, pears, raisins, almonds, potatoes and beans.



Thus, minerals are very important to maintain the balance of our body. Minerals are also very important for our mental health. It is also useful for keeping our body energetic and functioning of the body. Hence we should include it in sufficient quantity in our daily diet.  

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