Delicious biscuit recipe

Take these biscuits as a base for your cakes and get a wide field for experimentation. To make your biscuits tender and juicy, without crumbling, wrap them in plastic wrap immediately after baking and send them to the cold overnight. All these recipes for biscuits are designed for a mold with a diameter of 18-20 cm. Any molds are suitable for baking - silicone, metal rings, coated molds. We recommend that you put on molds (except for silicone ones) in a French shirt before baking. To do this, grease each mold with a thin layer of cold butter, and then dust it with flour. The flour should literally cover the mold in one layer. Turn the pan over the sink and beat the excess flour out of the pan. The shirt is ready. With this preparation, the biscuits will not stick and will easily come out of the mold.

Vanilla biscuit

Eggs 6 pcs;

Sugar 200 gr;

Flour 160 gr;

Butter 40 gr;

Lemon juice 40 gr;

Vanillin or vanilla extract 1 tsp

Step 1. Beat eggs and sugar until fluffy (beat for 5-7 minutes at maximum speed). This is important, since the biscuit will rise due to the eggs, there is no baking powder in the recipe.


Step 2. Reduce the speed to medium, add lemon juice, beat for another minute.


Step 3. Again, reduce the speed to a minimum, add all the flour and vanilla, mix the mass until smooth, but very quickly.


Step 4. Divide the dough into 2 parts. Into one add melted butter, mix with spatula, then reconnect both parts, quickly mix with spatula. Such a move will help us save more foam, which means the splendor of the biscuit.


Step 5. Pour into molds, bake at 170 degrees until a dry skewer.


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