Delicious potato casserole with fish

The cheese crust is wonderfully crispy! Both the fish and the spiced creamy potatoes get a subtle tangy flavour! Quick, easy and tasty! A recipe for a cosy family dinner, everyone will be happy and full.




- 5-6 potatoes

- 500g fish

- 2 tomatoes

- 1 large onion

- cheese

- herbs

- cream




Many people are Lenten, so you can replace the cream with fish stock. The cheese can be topped with onions and bell peppers, which is just as tasty.


The potatoes should be sliced in thin slices, onion in rings or half rings - whatever you prefer, tomatoes can be cut in rings or half rings too, fish in small pieces.


The cheese is not grated, as we usually do, but cut into thin slices, like a sandwich. Finely chop the herbs.


Add salt and pepper to the cream, and you can spice the fish a bit more.


Put potato layer first, then onion, then fish.


Lightly salt, sprinkle with herbs and brush with cream (or pour - it all depends on the fat content of the cream). Then tomatoes - also smear with cream.


The last layer - the cheese! Spread the cheese so that it covers almost all the surface. Pour the rest of the cream neatly over the edges.


Bake for about 25-30 minutes at 200 - 220 degrees.


Bon appetit.


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