Delicious sausages in batter. Surprise your kids

An original way to make ordinary sausages that the kids will love. Such a snack will be a decoration of the table in any company. Just 10 minutes and a delicious and unusual snack is ready.


Sausages (small) 10 units

Eggs2 units

Skimmed milk4 tbsp.

Wheat flour3 tbsp.

Frying oil

Salt to taste

Peel sausages from their casings (leave the natural casings). We get rid of the rustling shell, which can not be eaten. In a bowl beat eggs, add milk, salt and flour. Then put them in a bowl or in a mug. Dip the sausages in the batter one by one and deep-fry until golden. Plate these sausages in batter until cool and serve.Bon appetit!


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