Delicious waffles

Baking waffles at home is even easier than making pancakes. Of course, for this you need to get a waffle iron. It's up to you which one to choose. Some waffles are thin, the ones from my grandmother's old-fashioned waffle iron, the crispy waffles that are so delicious to fill with condensed milk. Sometimes they are thick, soft and fluffy - Belgian, American and Viennese - quite a substitute for pies which begs for the same fluffy serving - ice cream, chocolate or butter cream, Nutella or strawberries. The dense dough can withstand any decorations and large cells help them to stay on the surface.


In a waffle situation, the shape determines the flavor; the composition of the dough is also important. Thick waffles should rise and increase in volume due to the leavening agent or yeast, thin waffles can be baked immediately.


Here are seven recipes that quite reveals the vast possibilities of waffles - their ability to experiment and combine with different sauces and additives.


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