Denies asset shiba inu (shib), elon musk: doge is a merryese crypto!

Tesla's founder's conglomerate, elon musk unequivocally denied his alleged investment in kripto shib, aka shiba inu.

The clash between meme kripto and doge escalated after elon musk declared against shib, while he was known as one of the numerous personalities who often amply slapped doge.

Elon's twitter account was presented by a warganet who asked if shib was a part of his investment, other than doge, eth and BTC.

"None," he answered shortly, which means shib is not an investment of his choice.
Not only that, a day later, Monday (25/10/2021), elon asserted, doge was her favorite crypto. He also strongly referred to doge as crypto (people's crypto).

"Many people ask if the employee parts in the production section on tesla and spacex have doge. They're not big on finance or silicon valley tech. That is why I decided to support doge, as he is a people's cryptographer: "elon asserts that he is quoted from block media.

Interestingly, it was delivered a few hours after he said that himself and jared birchall had nothing to do with the dogecoin foundation.

"Jared and I had nothing to do with the dogecoin foundation," elon responded to mishaboar tweets on October 24, 2021.



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