Despite Being Insulted and Hated, 7 Failed Films Totally Profited Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

1. Waterworld (1995)

Many people think that this sci-fi movie is a failed movie. Boring storylines and also mediocre action scenes in this film make many people reluctant to watch it. In addition, the film was made with an exorbitant budget for hollywood film standards at that time of 175 million USD, and when released its earnings were only 88 million USD in America.Fortunately, the film received a considerable injection of income from the international market as much as Rp175 million USD, about 66% of its total revenue. In the end, the total revenue earned by this film was able to cover the exorbitant cost of production, and still be able to make a profit even though it was said to fail by many people.

2. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Transformers is one of the film franchises that are not very liked by critics, but it turns out that this ugly lebel has no effect on its revenue. Transformers; Age of Extinction is one of the most successful films in the franchise. From the cost of making it which reached 210 million USD, this action film managed to earn up to 1.1 billion USD. This exorbitant income is not comparable to the rating it gets. Transformers: Age of Extinction only received a 5.6 rating on IMDb and an 18% Tomatometer score.

3. Warcraft (2016)

The film, based on the video game, was originally planned to become a separate film franchise that failed to live up to expectations, and became the only Warcraft film made to date. Many people consider this film as a failed film and when released domestically in America only reached 47 million USD, a quarter of the production cost reached 160 million USD. Fortunately, the film received a fairly good reception in China, even briefly becoming the headlines of various media there and boosted its overall earnings around the world to 439 million USD. Not to mention from dvd sales that reached 16 million USD more and also broadcast rights revenue from this film, Warcraft more or less managed to reap 3 times the production cost.

4. The Mummy (2017)

Most likely many people do not know or forget that it turns out that Tom Cruise has played in a horror film in 2017, The Mummy.This one film is less exposed when compared to other Tom Cruise films because it is considered a failed film. His tomatometer score is only 16%. Despite being labeled as a failed film, The Mummy grossed up to $410 million worldwide and the total production cost was only about 125 to 195 million USD. Still a good fortune.

5. Terminator Genisys (2015)

Terminator became one of the most popular films ever made, and its existence has even been considered part of pop culture. Despite its excellent image, one of the films in the franchise, Terminator genisys, is far from good. This sci-fi film only gets a Tomatometer score of 27%. When released in America, the film only earned 89 million USD, even though the manufacturing process requires up to 150 million USD more. Who would have thought if it turns out that the film that was labeled a failure was saved by an international audience and in the end collected revenues of 440 million USD more, about 2.5 times the production budget.

6. Superman Returns (2006)

Long before the war of superhero movie franchises heated up as it is today, DC tried their luck first in 2006 with the film Superman Returns.Unfortunately, this effort failed to find the starting point of the existence of a successful superhero franchise and only became a standalone film. The cost of producing this film reached 223 million USD not included for marketing purposes and others, large enough for the size of a film at that time. Fortunately, the film remained widely watched, and in the end managed to collect revenues of up to 391 million USD not to mention from its DVD sales which are estimated to reach around 85 million USD.

7. Pearl Harbor (2001)

This war film was predicted to be a Box office movie and become king in theaters at the time of its release, but unfortunately this did not happen. This film to the extent that Peter Schneider as disney boss at that time resigned because the quality of the film was far from expectations. Even so, it turns out that Pearl harbor is financially not too loss-making even arguably profitable. With a budget of 140 million USD, the film earned 449 million USD worldwide. Not to mention at the time of the release of the DVD series at that time. In an instant 3.7 million DVD copies of this film sold in the market, and the profit is estimated to touch the figure of 130 million USD in just 7 days.


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