Developers of the DeFi Aave project don't stand still

The group of the Aave decentralized finance project announced the release of the task's clever contracts at the Avalanche network. This is the 0.33 blockchain that Aave helps.

As the builders cited, the undertaking's users had been "continuously voting" for a month in prefer of the concept to release Aave at the Avalanche network. The concept become established on September 19, and the mission did launch on that network. To start with, the administrative keys for the task at the Avalanche network could be held by means of "custodians" decided on as a part of the Aave Governance machine. Sooner or later, the keys can be transferred to the network.

Aave users can now pass their assets from the Etherium network to the Avalanche blockchain. They can use a special bridge to do this.

"Congratulations to all community members on the deployment of Aave on Avalanche," the developers concluded.


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