Diet And Exercising For Weight Loss

Obesity is now called a pandemic in the healthcare community. In fact, it will soon be the leading cause of death in the United States, even before smoking. Obesity leads to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or stroke and even an increased risk of cancer. With all these health risks, as well as the general improvement of possible health quality, losing weight is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


No matter what we like to believe, it is not just a magical solution to lose weight. The body will produce more fat if it needs more calories to work on the demands you put in on a given day than the number of calories you feed. It's that simple. Therefore, in order to lose weight, you need to reduce the number of calories you eat and increase the amount you burn.


There are a variety of options to choose from if you want a weight loss plan. They all spend a lot of time explaining what they will eat, at what prices and at what times or in any combinations. But few of them emphasize the importance of exercise - not only to lose weight, but also to your health and well-being. Exercise is important when trying to lose weight for a number of reasons:


First, as you start eating slowly, your body will slow down. Exercise helps lift your body back to normal. Second, as mentioned, exercise burns more calories to lose weight faster and stays active in your efforts. Third, exercise actually releases endorphins, chemicals that keep your emotions high.


Exercise does not have to mean spending hours in the gym or exercising using debilitating workouts. In fact, in order to be able to stick to it in the end, exercise should be your favorite activity. Start by increasing your level of activity in a holistic way. Take the stairs if you can. Park on the front of the shopping mall where you go shopping. Take a stroll in the park or pass a favorite place and bring a dog or friend to the company. Take dance or art lessons.


Once you have worked out more, you will find it easier and more natural to exercise regularly. What you need to do in the end is to get regular, tangible health benefits. You need to raise your heart rate to a fat burner and keep it there for at least 20 minutes, 3 or more times a week. However, if you do not want to go to the gym, there are other options. Videos and DVDs are now available for all forms of exercise. That way you can change your schedule whenever you want so that you don't get frustrated with what you do. Try a range of aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, or any activity you want comfortably in your home.


If you have limitations that can prevent you from exercising, you can still find a way to increase your level of activity. Water aerobics is a great option for those who have joint problems or limited mobility because it releases the pressure on your body given your weight. But you still find resistance to challenge your muscles in the water. There are even classes and videos available that allow you to exercise while sitting.


Whatever type of exercise you choose, it is important to stay motivated and keep it fun. Try to get the group together to make it a fun event. Or get a pedometer, a device that keeps track of how far you travel, and see how far you can travel in a week. Compete with your friends or family members and treat the winner with something special (not food related!). Make the exercise of something you look forward to, and it will soon become a regular part of your healthy lifestyle.


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