Different type of panties for women


I gives you least amount of coverage, it has just a strip of fabric in the back which prevent panty lines from showing through clothes. They're totally safe as long as they're not too tight. Wearing a thong helps you avoid visible panty lines, as there are no bumps on the edges and they stay totally hidden. They are a great option for tighter cloths, but they can be uncomfortable if you don't find the material or size for you.


This low-rise style sits right on your hips, it’s bit below your waistline with more coverage around the hips and has wider panels of fabric. They're less cheeky than other styles with lower cut leg holes.


A women's take on boxer briefs, boyshorts have a rectangular shape which has the most leg coverage out of all types of panties. They are perfect when wearing loungewear and loose skirts, as they'll provide the most coverage if your skirt flies up since it looks like a cross between underwear and shorts.


If you want the most coverage, go with briefs as they'll keep you covered from front and back. There are variations within this style, like a high-rise waist or a high-cut leg opening. Although they'll show panty lines, many people go back to their brief panties because they're very comfortable.



These are quite similar to a brief, but has less coverage with a lower rise and higher leg openings. Low rise and a bit of butt coverage, bikini panty mirrors the cut of most bikini bottoms. It one of the most popular types of panties and most people wear these everywhere, including the gym.


High rise panty will keep your whole tummy covered. If you hate the feeling of panty digging into your belly, these panties are the best solution, as most pairs go to your waist.



Life you like to show off more leg, go with a french – cut (sometimes called high-cut) pair of panty. They'll have the same waist as a classic brief, but with higher cut leg holes.


Like bikini panty, cheeky styles show more of your back coverage than a thong, but still less than a bikini. Many styles offer a wider hip band to prevent panty lines.



With the effects of shapewear, panty with a control top helps to smooth you out. They go either to your belly button or above or even going all the way to your bra.


It barely feels there! G-string panty provides the least amount of coverage with a very thin thong back and a low rise fit in the front.



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