Many different classifications of vehicles

Passenger car - total weight not exceeding 3,500 kg for the carriage of passengers (1 to 8, not including the driver) and luggage. Passenger cars are produced with closed bodies (sedan, limousine, coupe, hatchback, station wagon, van and minibus) and with bodies that are retractable (convertible, roadster, lando and phaeton).Cargo car (truck) is a vehicle to transport goods. Special-purpose and special-purpose vehicles are also produced on truck chassis.

Extra heavy-duty vehicle - a car, road train or other vehicle, the axle load of which exceeds 120 kN (12 tons of force), and the overall width - more than 2.5 m.Off-road vehicle - a car or truck with more than one axle drive (or with one leading axle, but the possibility of locking the axial differential), adapted for driving off roads with paved surfaces. Cross-country vehicles are equipped with transmissions with an extended range of gear ratios, as well as tires with a special tread pattern, often with a centralized tire pressure control and other technical features.

All-terrain vehicle - a vehicle adapted to travel on all types of roads, including those without hard surface (ground and field). All-terrain vehicles are usually characterized by all-wheel drive and increased ground clearance.

Buggy is a light all-terrain vehicle. Usually it has an open frame construction.

Pickup is a cargo-and-passenger modification on the basis of a passenger car or SUV with an open platform with rear tailgate. Payload is from 150 to 4500 kg.

Sports car - a car with high speed characteristics, increased engine power and low body landing.

Race car - a car made especially for sports competitions.

Record-racing car - a car created specifically to set records for cars (usually on a special track, without competing cars, solely by the stopwatch).

Bus - a car for transporting more than 8 passengers that is not a trolleybus.

Trolleybus - a vehicle designed to carry more than 8 passengers, powered by an external contact wire.

According to the type of engine:





Gas Generator


Electric car - a car that uses electric energy from its own batteries to drive.

Hybrid car - a car that uses both electric and traditional internal combustion engine at the same time.

Special purpose (wheeled) cars:




hearse (transport)


mobile crane


garbage truck

fire truck

police car

military vehicle

armoured vehicle

wheeled armoured vehicle

military motor vehicles

Special-purpose (wheeled) automobiles


refrigerated truck


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