Discuss you finance before trying for a baby

When a couple gets married they often spend a honeymoon period for sometime and soon after they plan for a baby . This is the normal or most common thing that used to be followed generations after after generations. But we need to think about baby planning these days. Many couple are so much desperate to have baby that they even sell their house or their property to get their treatment done  in order to get a child . 

But in todays world things need to be decided from the practical point of view. I will site an example of a couple who came from a remote area in India and they had some fertility issues for which they got enrolled in a very reknowned and expensive fertility unit in the city. They went through all the treatments from iui, ivf and every sort of sophiscated treatment that money could buy. . They had to stay at a rented apartment in the city for which they had to spend a lot of extra money. They could also not carry on with their jobs which they were doing in place. So after going through 5 cycles of Ivf thay did not get any success. They also had to enroll in the acupuncture treatment for increasing their fertility chances. which also required a lot of money. After one and a half year of undergoing all sorts of treatment, medication, injections and acupuncture  , when they looked for results. It was a big zero. They could not become parents and about 15 to 20 lakhs were spend on trying this procedure. They also had to suffer a lot of mental stress and depression each time they suffered a miscarriage or failure in conceiving. So the process of getting a baby actually drained them out of money and they were totally depressed in the process. 

So no matter you can become a parent or not, you should decide your finances and savings before planning for a baby. Even if you conceive naturally after few months of marriage , you should not become so happy that you fail to plan your finances. A child is definitely a blessing for every couple but having a child and not being able to take care of the baby because of financial issues can really become a stress after sometime. This unplanned way of bringing a child can actually lead to toxic relationship between the couple. Because if the couple do not have adequate finances to spend on the child they will start blaming each other and this could actually ruin their marietal relationship. 
So the finances should always be planned before becoming a parent. If you are confident about your finances and you have a lot of confidence that you can become a parent then only go for the process or else lead a relaxed and comfortable life. Never think nrgative about not having a baby. If you are not having a baby then it would be of some good reasons. Everything in life happens for a reason. Never stop trusting on God. Everything is done for your good. Dont go out of your limits and financial balances to have a baby. Rather equip yourself with work and  positivity to lead a happy and blessed life. ...!!


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