Disney’s 2017 vs 1991 beauty and the beast


We’ve all watched beauty and the beast in one Disney form or another. Whether it’s the 2017 version or the animated version from 1991 on vhs, dvd, or streaming, in one way or another we all at some point in our lives have heard of Disney. But when Walt Disney passed away after making the jungle book.  I kinda felt like the company was going to lose its core value. Walt Disney actually said 

“Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.”


And you know what happened, Disney company tore that quote to shreds and started making their own live action films of their own animated movies . I was furious as a Disney fan, I grew up watching the animated films.  I just saw this as a poor way to make money. Then when my class went to see the live action version of beauty and the beast, I saw a lot of parents with their little children.  It was somewhat like the original version but also touched some questions about Belle’s mother.


So I decided to compare the two.


So we’re going to start with the live action version with a few lines that pissed me off completely.  The 2017 version.


Belle is played by Emma Watson who was also hermonie in the Harry Potter movies growing up.


Here’s a list of cringes I had while watching this 


  1. Belle’s singing voice sounds auto tuned. 

  2. Belle is the only book worm in the entire town 

  3. a village man disapproves belle teaching another girl to read and another villager decided to literally ruin Belle’s laundry. 


The list could go on but those were my top 3 things that extremely irritated me


So after those flaws we find her singing again, she sounds like she doesn’t even care about the job while singing.  Then after a while she found Phillipe alone and goes to find her father. She also takes his place like in the 1991 version but because she asked for a Rose. She believed she should be taken instead of her father. Lumiere opens the cell door and leads Belle to her room rather than the beast.

And of course they mentioned the west Wing. It wouldn’t be beauty and the beast without mentioning that. There’s a few dark moments and a few lighthearted moments and even a moment when belle tries to escape.  


Gaston sings pretty good in this version and in the 1991 version.


Most of the characters are okay but making Gaston a war veteran is probably not the greatest idea because he tries to murder Belle’s father.


But Belle falls in love with the beast, and no it’s not stockhold syndrome because she does fight back a few times with the beast. So for those who believe in that theory, I’m not even going to bother arguing about it because it’s completely pointless. 


Everyone turns human and get this, it turned out everyone in the town had forgotten about the castle because of the spell. When it was broken everyone remembered. 


Now onto the 1991 version


My favorite version is actually the 1991 version for a lot of reasons. So many that I practically couldn’t name them all.


Belle in the version I grew up watching was played by Paige O’Hara  let me say that her singing voice is so beautiful that when I was a kid I loved every single moment she would sing. Even now I still do. 

The beginning starts off a little different than the 2017 version but that’s what to expect from an original compared to a remake. 


Gaston is a hunter who goes batshit insane because he didn’t get Belle’s affection later on in the film.  Belle does try escaping but the beast saves her life from a pack of hungry wolves. When the beast lets belle go she returns because she loves him. Yes in this film they did argue as well. But they grew to love each other during her time in the castle. I also enjoyed the staff characters in this version because they conveyed emotions so damn well 


Hell even Belle was crying before admitting her love to him.  


When the spell broke everyone turned human again in fact if you get a certain type of vhs tape of beauty and the beast in a certain collection I honestly don’t remember which one it is, it plays a deleted scene and a song called human again. If you stumble upon a Disney black dimond tape, your going to discover how valuable those are online. Hell people are seriously selling them for thousands of dollars.  


Which one do you prefer?


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