Distance of dream

When we are born we not choose are life we not choose to be poor or rich.others are lucky to have a rih family education is not a problem and dreams are not problem but in the other side a poor one has born that education is a problem how where they will get money to be in school what will happen to their dream what he/her will be in the future education is the only way to move forward how we will forward. We don't have anything only daily life money you are lucky because you are rich but we are not cause are dream is have a distance to be there.


In my country education is tough to get if don't have money. Others help their parents to forward in their daily life other child is born that their parents not with them. Sad stories but their keeping to study to help their parents to not go in other country. Other child's parents have sick then the child will be the care giver and they can't study education is job required job is based in your education That  very sad other destiny is to have hard life i learn that i need to move forward even life is hard because we will not succeeded if we stop now we will not help our parents  we Need Education but i feel sad to other that they can't  achieve their goals and dream .


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