Disturbing truth about living in South Africa

I'm Ameerah Dollie, a 30 year old female residing in the city of Cape Town, South Africa. As a woman who has been living in the for most of my life I have to admit that the justice system here in South Africa socks.

There seems to be no law and order in this place anymore and that's sad. People are getting away with far too much and in most cases no arrests has been made or the matter is under investigation. In this country, police are dependent on residents and eye witnesseses to come forth and provide information.

To be quite frank, they're fighting a losing battle. Everyone is so afraid to speak up as they never know if they themselves or one of their family members will be sent to their graves if any heat is brought onto them (the gangsters).

I feel that this has probably got to be the most dangerous city to live in. Tourists visiting this place aren't even safe anymore. Whether you're an illegal alien, immigrant, tourist or citizen, your safety is in question with every move you make.

Danger lurks round every street corner and it makes no difference whether you're in a local or upmarket residential area, it's all the same. The top crimes taking place here in South Africa is kidnapping, hijacking, child molestation, armed robberies, house break-ins, heists, rape and murder. 

Xenophobia is also another serious issue that tends to be swept under the rug. It's been happening far too often where one reads an article or views a news related clip about immigrants' businesses being looted or set alight and them being murdered in broad daylight. 

With crime on a constant uprise, even homeschooling seems to be the safer and wiser option where education is regarded. The minute your child is out of your sight, you don't know if your child will be making it back home alive.

Hell, you don't even know if your life is going to be spared each time you step out of the house. In the suburban areas of South Africa, the more local side of things, going to the convenience store down the road or round the next corner has become a rather miserable task.

You find low class criminals loitering inside and outside the shops harassing customers for money. Depending on how desperate they are for drugs, they might even stab or shoot you for a R5 and steal your expensive looking talkies off your feet. 

Sadly, many citizens seem to have the misconception that gangsters are in charge here and they need a complete paradigm shift. Inflation compared to the strength of the ZAR and employees' income bracket is a contributing factor to gangsterism and armed robberies apart from the fact that jobs are of great scarcity.

People need to change their mentalities and start thinking of innovative ways to secure an income if you can't get your foot in by the door of a particular industry despite meeting the qualifying criteria. 

There is no need to kill somebody and alter the lives of their family and friends forever just because you're a lazy, unmotivated jackass who is unwilling to put in the much needed effort to change your financial situation.

If your will power is strong and you don't lack perseverance and determination, then things will certainly turn around for you for the better.


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