DNES For Money Savvy

So what does DNES signify? How is it applicable to your everyday life? Is there examples?

Let's get started on your quest to feeling financially content.

The first letter stands for Debt(s).

The second letter stands for Nutrition.

The third letter stands for Entertainment.

And the fourth letter stands for Savings.

Here you have the chronological order on where to place your money on payday. 

Now, let's say you earn roughly $200 a week.

Below is my breakdown of the percentages for each letter or category to determine where to put your moolah and feel much better about yourself, especially if you have money management issues.

#1. Debt(s) = 25%

#2. Nutrition = 40%

#3. Entertainment = 15%

#4. Savings = 20%

= 100%

#1. Debt(s) -$50 from your $200 weekly paycheck withdrawn.

#2. Nutrition -$80 from your $200 weekly paycheck withdrawn.

#3. Entertainment -$30 from your $200 weekly paycheck withdrawn.

#4. Savings -$40 from your $200 weekly paycheck withdrawn.

Apply my original money management creation and you're on your way to becoming money savvy.

Please note: Everyone's payday differs. You can apply this formula whether you're working, on a pension, or in anyway you earn the mighty dollar.

Just remember to multiply your net pay by the specified percentage to get the amount to put aside. 


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