Do Ryzen processors really perform worse in Windows 11 games?

It has recently been reported that Ryzen processors may experience performance problems when running Windows 11. And the decrease can be up to 15%. Now we can look at the tests and see what the situation really is. 

Do Ryzen processors really perform worse in Windows 11 games? The tests in today's games provide the answer.

The system consisted of Ryzen 9 5950X and GeForce RTX 3090. The tests were conducted in Full HD, to increase the influence of the processor on the results.

However, as we can see, there is not much difference. A system with Windows 10 is faster in almost any game, but it is always a difference of 1% to 5%. Of course, it is possible that in some particular game the performance decrease can really be more, but so far we see that in many modern games it is hardly noticeable.



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