Do you also borrow these 5 things, know what can be the loss

Many such things have been mentioned in the scriptures and religion-puranas, whose borrowing and donating can also lead to problems. Let us tell you today about those things which should neither be borrowed nor donated.



According to the scriptures, Chitragupta writes our deeds to Yamraj. Chitragupta is preparing the blueprint of the troubles or happiness that comes ahead in our life with his writing. That's why pen has been given great importance in life. According to the Vedas, sharing your pen with someone or borrowing a pen from someone can be a hindrance in progress.



Many people also exchange watches. But remember that doing so can increase your problems. That's why no other person should ever wear his watch. Since the clock is linked to the time of a person's life. In such a situation, tying someone else's watch on your wrist can cause problems in your professional life. If you are having a good time it will go to the borrower and if the owner of the watch is having a bad time it will go to the borrower. So avoid both give and take.



Always use your own comb. Using someone else's comb is not beneficial in terms of both health and science. Not only the comb but all the material related to the head should never be shared with others. This can adversely affect your luck.



The ring is worn by both men and women, it is common to change or borrow a ring. It has been seen to be associated with the adverse circumstances that come in life. Never wear someone else's ring or take or give it. If you do this, then you will not only face difficulties in your life but you may also have to face financial problems.



No one should take another person's clothes. Doing this is not only forbidden in the scriptures, but it is also not good from the point of view of health. According to the scriptures, if you wear someone else's clothes, your luck gets angry with you and misfortune surrounds you from all sides. After this you may face many problems.


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