Do you know all the advantages of air mode on your phone?

An unobvious tip - improving the quality of communication

There are times when the signal disappears or, for example, changes to E. In this case, rebooting the smartphone helps. But it would be faster to turn on air mode for a few seconds and turn it back off. Disabling it instantly reboots the wireless modules on the smartphone, and it reconnects to the network.

Games without ads and other distractions

In many games, we are distracted by the occasional ad that pops up. Not to mention messenger notifications. Air Mode solves this problem. Switch it on and play with full immersion (we are not talking about online games, of course - this trick will not work with them).

Fast charging

If your phone needs to be charged urgently, air mode will help to do it. In this state, most of the functions are disabled, so charging is faster.

Delicate function - read the message so it is not visible

In any messenger, the sender sees when the message has been delivered and when it has been read. But sometimes it's inconvenient for us to respond immediately - for example, we need to think about the answer. In this case, air mode is our friend. You will see the message, but the person you are talking to will not know that you have already read it.

When you need not to be disturbed. Not disturbed at all.

Usually in such a situation we just turn off the sound. But there are persistent people who will call again and again. Air mode - and you are EXACTLY not going to be disturbed.

A safety net for publishing.

And another useful tip - in air mode it's convenient to edit your publication before you post it in social networks. That way you avoid embarrassing things like accidental publication of a draft.

And, of course, air mode helps you save traffic.


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