Do You Know All Types of Bra Cups? Check These 10 Types of Bra Cups Designs to All Ladies Should Know

Petite Bra Cups

Petite cups are designed for women who tend to have smaller or petite figure. With padded cups, these bra cups can create an illusion of cleavage and larger bust. If you like to keep it minimal, there are styles that don’t showcase too much breast as well.

Padded Bra Cups

The name clearly suggests the whole gist of it. The padded cups intend to add fullness to the bust and also enhance the cleavage more. They can also make the breasts proportionate and firmer. Head out to party and showcase your sassy style by wearing padded cups.

Nursing Bra Cups

Designed for the mother of a newly born, nursing cups are designed to open. Allowing space for baby to feed without taking off the bra, this bra cup is an apt option to be used. It accommodates the changing breast size due to its stretch.

Minimizer Bra Cups

Minimize the appearance of too much breasts with this flattering silhouette. Minimizer cups are designed to fit evenly and craft an illusion of a smaller bust. Clothes that require streamlined silhouette that include turtleneck or shirts, this bra cup will be an all rounder to give that natural shape.

Lined Bra Cups

Lined up cups usually prevent the see through but still, there is hidden sexiness to this one. Depending upon what sort of lining it is, the comfort, support, and bust enhancement changes. The cups are a bit thicker and they are apt for women who need good shape and support under their clothing.

Full Bra Cups

The name is very much self explanatory but this one totally covers the breasts and provides great comfort and support. The straps are lined up and the visible lines are not seen with its style. If you have deflated breasts then wearing full cups will accommodate your bust well. 

Demi Bra Cups

Cover about 3/4th of your breasts with the demi cups. Suitable for women with smaller breasts, this bra cup is recommended to shape up the cleavage. Wear low cut necklines easily now as these bra cups have thinner straps and can expose the upper area of the breasts.

Contour Bra Cups

With unified layer of padding, the contour cups are apt for women who are afraid that their breasts look huge. For a natural lift, this one is a great option. Contour cups are crafted with underwire and have a thin foam lining. These cups offer a clean look when you wear them under seamless shirts or t shirts.

Balcony Bra Cups

The name balcony cups means little balcony that refers to the shape. This bra cup has the ability to enhance the breasts and also lends less coverage than a full cup bra. Don’t fret and showcase your cleavage with pride by wearing these bra cups.

Balconette Bra Cups

Smaller than demi cups, the balconette cups are cut horizontally above the bust line. Give your breasts the fullness with these bra cups. The vertical seams add extra boost and the little padding on them will enhance the shape of your breasts. The name of this one is derived from the times when men used to look down upon women from the balcony of a theatre. Flaunt your cleavage well as this one is the best option for low necklines.


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