Do you know how draft beer actually differs from bottled and canned beer?

Everyone has known for a long time that all powder beer with the addition of alcohol is shrouded in a bunch of amazing myths, gossip and all kinds of pique-vestment conjectures based on near-driveway rumors and banal self-hypnosis. The first place here is taken by itself to "powder beer", because on the Internet and in real life there is a whole sect of "Powder Beer Witnesses" who firmly believe that all real beer remained in the USSR, and now it is made only from powder. At the same time, none of the adherents of this sect will ever tell you what kind of powder it is, what its composition is and what is the principle of making beer from this powder. Such people have a lot of friends at breweries for the production of powder beer, but at least one acquaintance from the factory for the production of "beer powder"

Draft beer stands out here. For most people, it takes the role of the most real standard, no comparison with bottled and canned beer - it is not a priori powder! I very often see comments on my articles, something like the following: "I drink only draft", "if beer - then only on tap", "the best is only draft", "I only drink draft because it is without preservatives", " in bottles and cans beer is completely different - I just take draft "," of course draft - it is not made of powder. And this is a minimum of examples, in fact, they are just above the roof and the main conclusion is one:

"Only draft beer, not this is all"

I had to communicate with a huge number of people who sincerely believe that draft beer is brewed and bottled according to some clever technology, which is completely different from the preparation of canned and bottled beer. Therefore, the taste of this beer is very different. Is it really? Today we'll figure it out!

In fact, everything goes back to the Soviet Union, when various bottled beer on free sale existed only in the book "Myths about beer and soft drinks in the USSR", but in reality, if you do not live in Moscow and Leningrad, then, in most cases, there were only two draft: "There is beer" and "There is no beer". Particularly well remembered is the Soviet draft draft beer, which was definitely better than bottled (quickly spoiled) and draft from stalls (diluted by bartenders). There was a special charm of knocking out a wooden cork, for help in knocking out of which, they usually poured out of turn. Yes, it's hard to imagine, but there were queues for beer then. Therefore, there was a firm belief that the beer in such a barrel was some kind of special, and if it was brewed not on Aldebaran, then it was definitely not like ordinary beer.

How was beer actually brewed and brewed? I will gladly tell you.

At any brewery, regardless of whether there are "classic" fermentation tanks or modern CCT (cylindrical-conical tanks), absolutely the same - the same ready-made beer, for example, the conventional "Zhigulevskoe" is bottled: in bottles, PET containers, cans and KEGs.

Remember! There are no separate CCTs and forfas (tanks for storing finished beer) at breweries, especially for bottles, especially for PET (Plastic), especially for cans and especially for KEGs with "draft" beer. And no one has ever added or adds any preservatives to bottled and canned beer.

NB: The beer is brewed the same, from the same raw materials and is simply bottled in different containers.

What then influences the taste of beer?

Storage conditions have a huge impact: storage period and temperature, exposure to sunlight, packaging, and so on. And the entourage also affects, for example, draft beer in a restaurant will seem tastier than exactly the same bottled house. Well, and the Placebo effect should not be forgotten - the belief that some other draft beer also plays an important role. But in fact - the beer is absolutely the same. They can pour sour meat from a keg that was kept warm, or you can breathe in the unpleasant aroma of lit hops from a bottle (we call it a preservative or pasteurization). Here, how lucky!

At the same time, I don't see anything wrong with draft beer, if you like it, buy it for health. 


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