Do You Love Yourself

Compassion, compassion, love, care, all the words we value so much. We wish to be all of this for others. Love others. Be kind to others. Be considerate of others, and be sensitive to the needs of others. Why not tell ourselves?


Why not show yourself more empathetic? This sounds strange but this is true. We behave badly many times. We will work even when we are tired from exhaustion. We will worry, even if our minds are tired. We will plan and try to help others, when we need more help. We want to give so much to others that we forget about our thoughts and our bodies.


Another feeling, which we use to pretend to be, is to blame. We have a lot of guilt about our past and we continue to examine those sins and use them to kick them over and over again. Goals and work endlessly to achieve those goals, to help others, to take care of no one, and many other such desires make us work harder and when we forget that we are also human.


We forget our body, mind and heart. Once in a while, we need to pamper ourselves. Talk to our bodies. Ask for a break. Talk to our thoughts. Tell her not to worry too much. Leave matters to God. Help others, and at the same time behave well so that you can have some peace and quiet.


Start loving yourself as your mother did when you were a child. You need it from time to time.


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