Do You Still Remember The Wooden Boat

Wooden boats as we know have a long history. People use it for various needs. At first people did not recognize wooden boats. But the development of science over the years. And the emergence of community needs more and more. Make them do various experiments. So they could finally find a wooden boat. Wooden boats are light objects but can carry anything. As long as the load is not too heavy. Although wooden boats still have shortcomings in one side besides their usefulness.

Wooden boats first appeared in the Neolithic period. About ten thousand years ago. Where people do not know many things.  They only take advantage of environmental conditions that are still wild. But the structure of the boat is still very simple. Even the surface was not as smooth as it is now. At that time people only used stone axes and ropes from natural fibers. Over time, various kinds of wooden boats that have been perfected appeared.

There are several types of wooden boats if we look at their shape :

A. Boat Canoe

A small curved boat that is controlled by oars like a rice spoon.  Because it takes a lot of energy. This boat must be steered alternately so as not to get tired. Its small size is only enough for two people.

B. Boat Raft

A boat without a handle. Made of long wood that is firmly tied horizontally to each other. This boat is controlled by a stick-like object. Because there is no handle. One must maintain balance so as not to fall.

C. Boat Sail

A boat that relies on the wind to move. With the steering wheel to turn in front of him. This boat has a large sail that is tied with rope around the center mast. Where people can attach or remove the rope at any time when needed. Sometimes the rope is tied with an anchor to hold the boat while it is on the coast so it doesn't get carried away by the waves.

Compared to other boats. The benefits of a boat sail are enormous. Boat sail have helped many people from all walks of life. Such as :

A. Merchant

Sales is a system of exchanging goods and money. Because the goods do not always sell at the place of origin.  And the rates are so low. Merchants used boat sail to sell spices in other countries. Such as tomatoes, chilies, carrots, spinach, and cloves. This allows them to get a bigger profit than usual sales. They make a profit because of the fluctuating price differences between countries.

 B. Fisherman

In reality Fish are often a bit coastal. People may be able to spend a long time fishing. Therefore, fishermen use boat sail to go a little out to sea to look for fish. With the advent of various fishing gear they were able to get more fish. Although not always they are lucky. Because of the existence of fish that do not gather in one place every day.

C. Researcher

There are many unknown places in the middle of the ocean. Some people may ask questions in their hearts. What is hidden in unreachable places. Researchers use boat sail to get to the destination they want to research. Therefore, the information that we can continue to increase. For example, the existence of rare animals that live on an island. It is possible that ancient animals that lived thousands of years could be found there.

D. Writer

Literary works created by people must have spread to various places. Because of the interaction between each other from time to time. But maybe they want their work to spread all over the world. Writers use wooden boats to introduce people outside their country to their creations. For example poetry.

Although the benefits are so many. Boat sail are affected by the situation at sea. Ocean waves can sink a boat sail at any time. It depends on whether the person on the boat can balance the rope to maintain balance. Even as we know. There's a lot we can't predict in a fairly wide ocean. Whirlpools are one that people should be aware of when using a boat sail. Luckily there are binoculars to see the location in the distance.

Before there were boat sail, people only lived with their own culture. Territories are still separate from each other. Even in the education system. There is no transfer of knowledge. We do not know language and technique. In addition to what is in our own territory.  So communication is still limited. The equipment we use is untouched by outside culture. Perhaps technology such as a loom is only intended for certain areas. Due to the unreachable area

Now the boat sail has turned into a metal boat. People now might call it a cruise ship. People no longer need to worry about uncertain sea conditions. Given the weather sometimes changes frequently. With a sturdy layer on each side plus lighting at night. Looks like a metal boat is really good enough to use. But it could be that large rocks in the ocean are still a big problem for metal boats. Hard chunks of ice. Due to the breaking of glaciers to sea level. Or maybe a rock sticking up. The result of a symbiotic organism. Can cause cracks in the walls of the boat, resulting in a leak. Due to the collision that occurs at high speed. Given that there are still areas covered by fog. So accidents are very vulnerable to occur. Although technologies such as GPS have been created to track locations precisely. Equipped with an infrared radar system as a hazard detection system. The system is like any other though it is perfect. It could be a complete failure. As a result, things happen that we don't want. Even certain animal species can be a problem for metal boats. For example whales. Which sometimes likes to damage things in aggressive conditions. Call it the orca whale. Its size can reach 10 meters. With a weight of 6 tons. Enough to overturn a metal boat. For that we often see that there are certain protective equipment for rescue. For example, a rubber balloon that can float on water. It's worse if most people can't swim and the availability of equipment is inadequate. The bad side of metal boats is that not everyone can see the outside conditions freely. People may only be able to see it from a small window when the boat is moving.

IIf you differentiate thoroughly, wooden boats and metal boats are not much different. They have the same function. But it still has weaknesses. Wooden boats make anyone free to feel the air from outside and see the scenery. But it is fragile so it is easy to crack and collapse. Meanwhile the metal boat was covered in sight. But strong when hit many times. Because it is made of steel.


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