Do you want to be a businessman?

Every businessman should have a good understanding of economics, taxes, investments. And, most importantly, in their field of activity and marketing. 

This is something that a businessman should not only know, but must know very well. Without a thorough knowledge of his field of activity and all the ways and methods of marketing, no businessman can develop and promote his business.

What qualities should a businessman have?
1. Self-confidence  
2. Psychological resilience 
3. Enthusiasm
4. Leadership
5. Communicability
6. Integrity
7. Purpose
8. Practicality
9. Creativity
10. Adventurism

You don't become a businessman just by starting a business. You become a businessman when your child begins to develop, promote, and actively grow.


A business requires enormous responsibility, enormous effort, persistence, a huge amount of time, and, most importantly, constant control. Without all these things, your business will soon go bust.


Now you have a general idea of how to become a businessman from scratch. And you know who you have to become, what you have to have, and what you have to do to really have the status of a successful businessman.


You've probably already noticed that in addition to growing your business, you'll need to do your own self-development and self-education. As your business grows, you also have to grow as a person.


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