Do you want to have healthy teeth? Drink red wine!

The debate about the benefits of red wine for the human body has not ceased. This time a weighty argument in favor of supporters of the usefulness of this drink was made by a group of Spanish scientists who have studied the effects of red wine on the health of teeth and gums.


It has long been known that red wine contains a lot of polyphenols - organic substances produced in plants, including grapes. Polyphenols have always been considered beneficial compounds for the body, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. This time, researchers wanted to test how polyphenols interact with the bacteria that live in people's mouths.


It sounds daunting, but the average person can have several hundred species of bacteria in their mouth. Some of them pose a major threat to our gums and teeth. Because of their adhesive (lat. adhaesio - sticking) properties, these bacteria take up residence on the hard surfaces of our teeth and gradually multiply. This leads to cavities, periodontal disease and other unpleasant conditions. It turns out that the polyphenols in red wine prevent microorganisms from adhering to the surface of teeth and gums, thereby reducing the likelihood of dental disease.


Of course, this does not mean that instead of brushing your teeth now it is enough just to drink a glass of red wine. Scientists are going to use their findings to create a new type of toothpaste, which will include the most effective anti-adhesion polyphenols.


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