Doctor told why pregnant women should not drink green tea

For vigor and health

Green tea is considered one of the best tonic drinks. It has antioxidant properties and helps improve the endocrine system. Moreover, American scientists conducted an experiment in which they managed to find out that regular consumption of green tea (at least five cups a day) leads to increased life expectancy. It would seem that everything is obvious: drink this drink and you will be healthy. However, nutritionist Svetlana Fuss argues that the usefulness of tea is not for everyone.

Who should give up green tea?

Pregnant women are in the high-risk category. According to the expert, the caffeine in the tea prevents the absorption of folic acid. This means that the child's development in the womb may not be in the most favorable conditions. For the same reason (plenty of tannin) tonic drink should be avoided by people diagnosed with glaucoma and hypertension. Any excessive dose of caffeine can cause new health complications. According to Svetlana Fus, too often drinking green tea (especially a complete replacement of the usual black tea) may cause a deterioration in blood tests. Clinical examination will reveal a lack of calcium and magnesium. In addition, according to the expert, tannin can irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and cause inflammation. To avoid exacerbating existing health problems, green tea should be excluded from the diet of those who have a stomach ulcer, as well as ulcers or other diseases of the duodenum.

But you should not prepare a favorite drink in advance - in a chilled state it is much more harmful than a warm one.


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