Doctors named the juice that best strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Advice tested by our grandmothers

During the Soviet era, doctors strongly recommended that patients with problematic veins take a contrast shower more often. It perfectly strengthens blood vessels, gives them tone and also strengthens the immune system.


Among other positive properties of the shower: normalization of the endocrine and nervous systems, improvement of blood circulation and increased elasticity of the skin. Despite the fact that there are no real studies that would confirm all the beneficial properties attributed to the contrast shower, our ancestors sincerely believed doctors and followed their recommendations throughout their lives.


Modern views on the problem with blood vessels


Doctors of the 21st century agree in principle with their predecessor colleagues. They do not dispute the usefulness of the hygienic procedure and also recommend it to people suffering from swollen veins. However, at the same time, doctors rely on the latest research of scientists and declare that there are other, no less effective ways to put the vessels in order. Moreover, some of them are even more beneficial to health than a shower.


According to recent studies, as a result of changing hot water to cold, a person may have a vascular spasm. This can lead to a deterioration of the blood supply to organs, an increase in blood pressure. Also, fans of the contrast shower risk the health of their adrenal glands, since regular stress forces them to work in an emergency mode and leads to exhaustion.


When beetroot is healthier than a shower


It is much safer to take care of your health using other methods. For example, drinking beet juice. It contains high levels of nitrate, from which our body creates nitric oxide. This chemical compound not only has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, but also prevents the rapid aging of the brain. He remains active for many years and his memory "does not disappear" anywhere


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