doctors restarted a heart that had not beaten for 80 minutes

John Thomson is a Northampton man whose heart didn't beat for 80 minutes.

The 60-year-old retiree, sitting at home talking to his wife, suddenly felt a very severe pain. His wife called an ambulance, but even the strongest measures to save John did not bring him back to life.


The man was taken to Northampton General Hospital. There medics pronounced him clinically dead.

Dr. Dominic Cox came to a complete shock when, after 80 minutes of death, John's heart started beating again. This case is truly unique. After nine days of critical condition, the man was on the mend.


How John came back to life after such a long time, doctors do not know exactly. But this case once again proves how many mysteries the human body still hides, and how thin and two-sided the line between life and death can be.


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