Does God exist?

On today's post we’ll discuss the highest of the highest things that could be discussed. Is there really a being out there that is responsible for everything and Does God Exist? To answer this we’ll break down a video titled Does God Exist and see if He really does and what others think on this matter. To view this we will not only be looking at the video itself but the commentators as well in order to gage a better understanding of what's going on. Let us begin. 


First question you as fans I’ve seen circling my page is:


  1. What criticisms of the Ontological Argument are expressed by the commentators?  I would say there are more hard questions asked to trip people up instead of criticisms. For example if the world is in motion there had to be someone who was the mover who moved everything into motion but if there was such a mover then does that mean there is a mover before them as well. So God can’t really exist because if He is perfect but not overall then that means someone is over Him. Another one of these critiques is stating that God cannot be because How do we know where He came from. Philosophers say to believe in God is easy because He is all around but where to look? Lastly a criticism is that the world can’t be an eternal going on forever creation that someone made because we all know the world is dying and something had to start this move to death.


Moving on from this question of the existence of God a fan has challenged me with this next question talking about a different existence to our beings called the big bang theory:

   2.     How do the commentators address the existence of God in terms of the Big       Bang Theory of the Universe? Coming right out at it these commentators take God completely out by saying that according to new science law there can be mo inicial cause/mover that helped the exploding planets pull apart from each other. While it is true that someone or something had to have first started the existence of planets in order to make the bang that is up to debate because the start of the bang could be from anything. The big bang could be because of a previous universe breaking and coming down to ours or a black hole in another universe  that is sucking us into it. Lastly the bang happened out of random and of no particular order. God on the other hand; the first thing He says is He is a God of order and made everything for a purpose. A perfect Being such as a God would not have created this world as a big mess on top of each other then slowly pull parts of it away to try to clean up His mess so humans can inhabit it. That doesn’t seem right. 


So now we have two totally different viewpoints on how they think creation was made but what if we try to answer the existence of creation through the design of what is already around us then trace back. This question came to me from another fan that I saw intriguing to answer:

3.     What is Paley’s Argument from Design for the existence of God? To start with; this Design theory is that everything that is made had to be first created by a God that was of order and had a purpose for everything He created. Payley argues about his theory by giving an example. Suppose you find a rock in the middle of your path while you were out walking. You would just think that rock has always been there and just move it but if you found a watch in your path you can’t just say this watch has always been here. The reason you can’t say that is because the watch has way more intricate parts then a rock so a watchmaker had to have made the watch and dropped it there. Same goes for creation. This intricate world couldn’t have just come here without a skilled maker creating things along the way.



This intricate world indeed had to come from somewhere but everything has a crack in it just like a watch can get broken from time to time or have something wrong with it upon completion of making so I got this new question to help me think of this in more detail:


4.     What are the criticisms to the Design argument offered by Dennett and other commentators? Dennet argues that while their yes is a design to this world that doesn’t mean that they would have had to be a designer with a mind to make it. Stick with me here. He argues about natural selection. A being did not create everything but everything already was and they had to adapt or die. When God created, He said everything has a purpose or a reason for being there but Dennet argues that everything has an order and not a purpose meaning everything is trying to achieve a goal and needs to adapt to make it. Having watched a video on this natural selection I can start to understand and see how this could be true but I’m only at could. Nothing more. Darwin comes in after Dennet and strengthens him by saying that a more complex thing can come out of a seemingly mindless organism. It is easier to understand that this world came to be because of a God but when you take that away it is harder to think of things. But to think of a God or Creator thinking of the idea of the world; writing it down then pressing a button to make it all come to life is not hard evidence that God does exist in the slightest. Going on this can explain how physical and biological organisms came to be but what about the mind of them. The only thing that is said is that if a being can be created then don’t you think their mind and all of their organs can also be created?  


So we covered who God is and how the world could be but that was all on the mindset that everything was made perfectly and with purpose. Did the Creators also make evil as a purpose and if so why? What is evil and why evil. For this I turn to another question I got from the crowd:


5.     What is the Problem of Evil and how do the commentators respond to this theological problem? How can evil be made in this world if all creators were perfect in how they made the world? If God does exist then why does He just sit in the heavens and watch as the world tears itself apart and hurts others? Maybe evil is just an educational plot that people grow and can profit from or maybe it's what we’re born with but another commentator has a different explanation. He argues that most people think that if there's a God he created everything and everyone to just be happy and nothing else but he argues that is not the case at all. That is not why God created. We try to find a problem of evil with physical mind thinking but that doesn’t always work. God created so that we can see more of him and the way to do that is to look through evil to see a rainbow and know its Him. This can also be argued because if God created evil so He could work through it so we could see Him then why did He make evil in the first place. Out of all the things evil is not a sign showing that God is real. If someone were to die of an earthquake you can’t blame God for everything because the way he made creation is to obey that lays of nature so sometimes earthquakes, volcanoes and such happen because of the rotations and everything within the earth. That can’t be stopped or argued about because it's a natural phenomenon. Everytime something bad happens whether a death or quake we blame this Creator but all He did was create the world and us; at the end of the day it is us who make choices on our own due to natural disasters or our own mind. 


I received two remaining questions on this subject and I am still trying to find the answers for them. The first is: 


6.     What are the different accounts given by Freud and Kant regarding the belief in the existence of God? Kant accounts that God is a God of morality and gifted each of us; so the wrong gets punished but since that is not the case then there has to be a new life created where the wrong is separated from the good. 


In closing I want to answer this question brought out by one of you:


7.     What do you consider to be the strongest argument for the existence of God?  What do you consider to be the strong argument against the existence of God?  Explain both answers in some detail.    Talking on the existence of God I would say the strongest argument for a God would be Paley's Design theory. The complex and intricate working of the world had to have come from somewhere and had to have been made by an order purposeful God who designed everything to fit like it should. I mean look at Ai or cars for example and these detailed things are made from nothing but once done their are so many tiny parts that you wouldn’t think of but have a significant role in the design of the piece but who put that idea into the mind of those people and how did they know how to use the information in their head to make something as detailed. One theory that I would say is the biggest argument against the existence of God would be the big bang theory. I don’t say this just because this theory argues that everything was just a ball and then a blast came that shook everything up and started making matter fly away from each other but that even if there was a God; why would he plan out and create a such messed up world and then slowly pull away things to try to clean up the mess He made. The reason why this is the most against God is because God says that He is a God of order and classification. In today's world we can just read this and be like okak; this God is trying to show that He is different then the rest but at the time people were stumped as to what to believe because everywhere they looked all they saw was mess and wanted order. Then God said that He was a God of order and described day by day what he made to prove that nothing He made was out of random but the Big Bang Theory states that if there was a God or a Creator they just made everything out of random and no order then tried to fix the mess they created. At the end of the day it is your choice to believe what you want. Thank you for tuning into Live TV.



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