Does the Longreads site pay $500 per post?

In the past, novice writers like me experienced many difficulties when starting a career as a writer. In addition to the limited number of media outlets, many writers had difficulty getting through the strict selection of editorial kitchens, and did not know how to get money from the articles they had written.

Today, there are many media outlets, both print and online. Many media outlets pay writers handsomely. And, if we are diligent in finding out and regularly browse the internet, we will definitely find a lot of ways to make money from writing articles. What we need to do is learn and keep learning, especially from professionals. We can read their articles, learn how they write, and then apply it when we write our own.


Remember, there's nothing wrong with learning from others, especially from professionals. What's not okay is plagiarizing their writing.

What is Longreads?

Longreads is a website that caters to both novice and professional writers. On this site, your hard work as a writer is rewarded handsomely. Longreads gives you a minimum of $350 per post and a maximum of $1500. How interesting is that? Longreads basically accepts long-form nonfiction writing. If you're used to writing long, personal essays and regularly write nonfiction articles with original ideas, then this website is perfect for you.


Longreads accepts personal essays with a minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 6000 words. You can also write long, free stories. As long as it meets their requirements, Longreads will definitely accept it and publish it on their website. If you're a good essay writer, there's nothing wrong with giving this site a try. Aside from expanding your writing portfolio, the pay for an essay is also quite lucrative. For a published essay, you are entitled to $500 per essay. All you have to do is produce a piece of writing that is completely original, not plagiarized, and that has been published elsewhere. They will not accept repetitive writing.

Types of Articles Longreads Accepts

Here are some types of Longreads-worthy articles.

  • Essay and Column

Recommended essays and columns are between 2000 and 6000 words. They can be broken down into sections or serialized, depending on the length and subject matter. Personalized essays are written to specifications with an unusual point of view, originality, and unique presentation. For each essay that goes live, a writer will be paid $500 per essay.


In addition, Longreads also accepts research or reportage essays, critical essays, and columns. Rates start at $500 per essay and increase depending on the difficulty of the reporting and research as well as the length of the piece. For essays and columns, including personal essays, Longreads will sometimes fact-check.

  • Feature and Investigation Result

According to the submission page, Longreads accepts in-depth feature writing, and it must be submitted in the form of pitches. Feature writing will be thoroughly fact-checked. Longreads is interested in collaborating with the artists and photographers in the story. When submitting pitches, tell them what makes your story remarkable and urgent, why you need to write it, and why Longreads is the place to tell it. These features and investigative reports are, of course, priced competitively. They will pay $1 per word for feature writing. Translated, this means you will be paid $1 per word.

  • Reading List

Are you a book reader? If yes, then Longreads is the place for you. Longreads seeks writers interested in exploring topics through curated reading lists. Reading lists typically include an essay-style introduction followed by a collection of links to longer stories (and sometimes books and other resources) related to the theme.


Reading lists should be topical, written from unusual and unique perspectives, from widely appreciated works, from diverse publications, and from featured authors. Longreads will pay $350 per reading list. If you are interested in trying your hand at writing a reading list for Longreads, please submit a bid via email at [email protected] and include "Reading Lists" and the proposed topic or theme in the subject of the email. Not sure what to submit?

How to Submit a Writing

Submitting to is actually the same as submitting to other platforms. In addition to attaching the proposed writing, indicate what type of writing you are submitting in the subject line of the email and include personal information.Attach the proposal and Terms of Reference (ToR) for feature writing and investigative reports.Submit your writing via email at [email protected]


Oh, yes, one more thing. Since is a small team and they receive tons of pitches and articles every day, they only respond to your submissions if they are interested in publishing your work. So, they recommend that you also submit the piece simultaneously to other publications.


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