Don't miss out! The five earliest signs of breast cancer

Mammologists have named five early symptoms of breast cancer.

Screening is the key to health

Every person at any age should take care of their health. In childhood, as a rule, this manifests itself in wearing warm clothes in the cold and behaving properly in the heat. As an adult it is important to closely monitor any changes in the body, and at the slightest suspicion seek medical attention.

Breast health should be a subject of special attention for every woman. And, starting from 18 years old. It is important to regularly palpate the glands in search of lumps and "beads", to inspect the breasts, comparing whether they have changed shape and size, and so on. Such vigilance will help to recognize dangerous signs of the disease in time and begin treatment.

What symptoms should alert a woman?

One of the first and most common signs of breast cancer mammologists call the appearance of a rash around the nipple. A healthy woman should not have changes in skin pigmentation in such a delicate area.

Should also be alert if the nipple is sunken (or one of them). On the beginning of the disease can also indicate a shift of the nipple to the side, changing its shape or color.

However, guided only by this indicator is not possible, because nature has endowed some women with initially sunken nipples. And this is the norm for them.

Thus, it is worth to be attentive to the changes that occur to the breasts.

Dangerous signs of doctors call the beginning of nipple discharge, as well as changes in color of the skin around them. But only if the woman is not pregnant or a nursing mother.

Also, changes in the size of the breasts: asymmetry, wrinkling or dimpling of the skin, lumps in the breasts or armpits, and persistent pain inside the breast can indicate cancer.

Mammologists warn that the appearance of even one of the signs should be grounds for immediate contact with a doctor. After all, the earlier you start treatment, the better the chances of becoming healthy again.


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