Don't self-publish if you're looking for high-paying writing job; there are four other options.

Most creatives do not comprehend a basic fact: "To turn your passion into a company, you must be skilled in business."

I write full-time for a living, which is a luxury I enjoy since I am also a skilled businessperson.

I learned both The Elements of Style and Million Dollar Consulting at the same time (not affiliate links).

My business sense told me not to heed the "experts" hawking self-publishing success overnight.

Self-publishing is unlikely to provide a living without a large number of followers or email subscribers.

You may generate a following and an email list, then self-publish for profit. However, the chance of making money from your first book is incredibly low and requires an enormous amount of work.


Even if you’re a best-seller in some strange category no one has ever heard of, people don’t search for terms they’ve never heard of.

You might spend money on advertisements for your self-published work, but it would likely be a long time before you began to profit. You will be fortunate to break even.

Or, you may create a terrific book on your first attempt (unlikely) and sell millions of copies without any marketing effort (highly unlikely).


I questioned whether a savvy businessperson would risk so much time and effort on something so unlikely to pay off.

Writing is a better method to earn money.

Here are a few ways I've generated substantial revenue from my writing. I write or ghostwrite business eBooks, blogs, articles, and emails.

I write for IT and tech firms, but you may select any area that interests you. I have acquaintances who earn money writing for lifestyle corporations, yoga studios, medical publications, financial firms, legal firms, women’s rights organizations, etc.

I was able to develop a six-figure writing firm with zero professional writing experience, zero followers, and zero individuals on an email list, utilizing the skills I’m going to provide here.

I am not affiliated with any of these applications.


1. LinkedIn Profinder

LinkedIn Profinder is one of my favorite tools for discovering great jobs. You may discover good-paying work with small or medium firms here. The way it works is that you establish a profile and specify the sort of job you’re seeking (content writing, ghostwriting, etc.). (Content writing, ghostwriting, etc.)

Then, when organizations post proposal requests for specific kinds of work, you are alerted and may apply for the job.

It’s a passive medium, meaning you wait for requests to come to you.

I earned money through LinkedIn Profinder: a one-off writing or email assignment for $3,000.

2. Contena

Contena is a job marketplace that consolidates all online-posted writing positions in one location. You may set up notifications for certain job types, such as how well they pay or their specialty, etc.

I earned almost $0.25 per word from Contena Client 1 for more than six months. Multiple articles every month Total profits were about $10,000.

Client 2: more than $0.25 per word for irregular tasks throughout the year Total profits are estimated to be around $14,000.

3. Submitting your own pitch twice a week

This is by far the finest option for a writer to earn money. Any time a firm puts out an RFP or advertises on a job board, hundreds of writers notice it and apply. If you submit a pitch to a corporation, it is probable that you are the only one doing so. Much less competition exists.

You must pitch in volume. Set a weekly target of pitching at least 100 businesses. Offer to contribute to their blog. Find businesses in areas that interest you (e.g., fitness and lifestyle, tech startups, women's health, etc.).

This essay was written for salesmen, but writers may use it to learn how to send mass pitches.

I generated money by sending a proposal to seven frequent customers who purchased many articles and eBooks every month. The monthly compensation is between $3,000 and $6,000 based on the number of assignments.

1 retainer client at $2k/month.

4. Obtain the most affordable WeWork (or other coworking space) subscription.

WeWork membership costs $45 per month and provides access to their online platform. This platform is full of business contacts and leads. I gained more customers off of the platform than I obtained by working in the sector.

As a retainer for email writing and marketing, I earned money through the WeWork app. Total annual earnings are roughly $20,000. I’ve had this customer for more than two years.

If you want to write for a living

You need to be open-minded about the sorts of jobs you can undertake to make a reasonable salary.

A lot of authors feel dejected when they hear about writers who aren’t as competent getting lots of money. But if you’re a highly skilled writer, you should be joyful that other, less-skilled authors earn more than you. That just means you can make even more.

If you want to earn money writing, you need to read about the business of writing. Learn from the authors who are generating money.


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