Double-layer cottage cheese casserole

Very tender and very easy to make curd casserole. The set of products is quite traditional for curd casseroles, but the serving is quite spectacular.

The first layer in the casserole is cottage cheese, which can be supplemented with any favorite dried fruit or candied fruits, today I have lemon zest, light raisins and candied black chokeberry. The second layer is the sour cream filling, the amount of which you can also adjust to your taste, i.e. make it higher by increasing the amount of sour cream. You can also play a little with the taste by adding berry juice to the sour cream.

Bake the casserole better in a small form about 20-22 cm. Ingredients Cottage cheese layer cottage cheese 350-400 gr egg 1 pc semolina 1 tbsp dried fruit 2-3 tbsp sugar 120 gr vanilla sugar 1 tsp lemon zest Sour cream layer sour cream 200 gr egg 1 pc sugar 2-3 tbsp Preparatory stage: 20 minutes Cooking time: 45 minutes After cooking you get 6-8 servings How to cook a two-layer curd casserole: recipe with photos step by step Put all the ingredients for the curd layer into a bowl Mix thoroughly Grease the baking dish and put the first layer, distribute evenly Put in the oven heated to 175 degrees for 25-30 minutes, until lightly golden. Take out and let cool slightly (while mixing ingredients for the second layer) For the sour cream layer, mix sour cream, sugar and egg with a whisk Pour the sour cream over the curd layer and send to the oven Bake for about 10-15 minutes until the sour cream thickens Let the casserole cool until warm and you can taste.

The casserole is good both warm and cold.

Bon appetit.




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