Drinking Tea Is Injurious To Health.

Drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause digestive problems, because it affects the digestive process, which can lead to problems like gas, stomach pain, acidity and indigestion. 

Harm to heart health... 

Damage to teeth... 

Sleep problem...

Caffeine addiction...


If you consume it excessively, it can cause many problems. Kidney stones are also included in these problems. People who are obsessed with green tea or black tea consume it several times a day. Due to this the level of oxalate in the body may increase. 


Actually, nowadays people drink green tea and lemon tea to follow a healthy lifestyle. Because it boosts metabolism and the digestive system remains healthy. It contains antioxidants which protect you from many diseases. This is the reason why people prefer to drink lemon and green tea instead of milk tea. However, if you consume it excessively then it can cause many problems. Kidney stones are also included in these problems. People who are obsessed with green tea or black tea consume it several times a day. Due to this, the level of oxalate in the body can increase. Green tea contains an enzyme called oxalate which can be responsible for kidney stones. 


If we talk about lemon tea, Vitamin C is present in it which breaks down to form oxalate. Due to which calcium starts increasing. Increase in the amount of calcium increases the possibility of kidney stones in the body. There is also a risk of diseases like liver and arthritis. If you already have the problem of kidney stones, then you should avoid its consumption. If you feel problems or pain, consult a specialist immediately. 


Most of us believe that peppermint tea is very beneficial for our health and it shows immediate effect on some problems. Although there are many health benefits of consuming this tea, still there are many disadvantages of drinking it. At the same time, peppermint tea can be harmful for some people. Therefore, they are advised to stop consuming this tea. 


Peppermint tea can be harmful for those who are suffering from stomach problems. Peppermint tea can damage the digestive system of such people because this tea is usually made of menthol. Due to which you may have stomach related problems. 


Consuming peppermint tea can be harmful for pregnant women. This tea contains peppermint oil which can increase blood flow in the uterus and may cause problems in abortion. 


Consuming peppermint leaves in excessive quantities can be harmful for our kidneys and intestines. Along with this, kidney patients are advised not to consume it. By drinking this tea you can also become a victim of bacterial infection. Therefore, this tea should always be consumed thoughtfully or it should be consumed in limited quantities. 


In general, it is safe for people with chronic kidney disease to drink tea and herbal teas in small to moderate amounts. Some herbal teas may be beneficial for people with kidney disease, while others may be potentially dangerous, especially in high amounts, as they can be toxic to the kidneys, contributing to the formation of kidney stones, Or may affect blood pressure or potassium levels. 


You should talk to your dietitian about your tea consumption and get specific recommendations, and when drinking herbal tea, be sure to always consume in moderation to avoid any potential side effects. Also, consult your doctor to make sure they will not interact with your medications. 

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