Drones and the New World Order

As we can see, now the authorities, and those above them, are gradually abandoning the human factor in favor of machines. ATMs in banks, self-service cash registers in stores, neural networks instead of phone operators and some lawyers and accountants. The idea is preached that people doing primitive work are not needed and must be replaced by robots.


After all, it is impossible to negotiate with them, to convince them, to intimidate them. Machines work the way they are programmed to work.


Total control began with the common video surveillance cameras. Why the police and guards, if you just put cameras on some private property and no one will get in, knowing that they will be in their field of vision. Security is only needed if the intruder does show up.


If you put a camera in the city, you can also record administrative offenses, for which the police will come.


Cameras everywhere monitor violations on the roads.


But the camera has a significant disadvantage - the lack of mobility. And knowing where it is located, you can somehow bypass it. Drones do not have this limitation. That makes them indispensable for the authorities in terms of controlling the population.


Drones can patrol certain designated areas, identifying an intruder at an unexpected moment.


At one time there were advertisements on YouTube for this kind of security device.


Drones are already actively used to find and catch poachers. Because of their small size and ability to stay at a high altitude, they are difficult to detect and can conduct covert surveillance.


The cherry on the cake is the new sphere of drones' application - fixing traffic violations. In other words, everything is heading towards the fact that a drone will be able to spot a violating car at any time.


What is it all coming to? The point is that everyone's location will always be known. With drones, with surveillance cameras, with phones and other gadgets (which is already there now). Also through the use of biometrics in stores and transport (announced by the government) it will be possible to track the path of any citizen.


With the help of a drone can easily destroy the secrecy of private life. After all, it is capable of climbing to a great height and peeking through any window.


It turns out that drones are another tool by which the proverbial concentration camp is built.


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