Drop fish

The drop fish was first caught near the island of Tasmania by Australian fishermen in 1926. The caught specimen aroused great interest in them, so the find was passed on to scientists. After that, the creature was classified and forgotten for a while. This is due to the fact that it lives at a considerable depth (over 500 m), ie to study the marine life in the wild was impossible until the second half of XX century, when there were deep-sea vessels.

Prior to that, a strange monster was found on the coasts of Indonesia and Australia. But these were dead half-decomposed specimens, so official science did not react to them. Everything has changed thanks to technical progress and mechanical fishing trawlers, able to pull nets at great depths. It was thanks to them that the first living individual was caught.

The shape of the fish resembles a drop, hence the name. Its length, according to various sources, is from 30 to 80 cm. The average weight is about 8-12 kg. The color depends on the place of residence and varies from light pink to dark brown. In front of it is a nose-like formation, on the sides of which closer to the top are two eyes. The mouth is wide, has the shape of an arc bent down. Therefore, it seems that the creature is in a bad mood or it is upset by something. Lips thick and fleshy. The head is huge compared to other parts of the body. The proportions are about the same as domestic rattan.

The surface of the body is covered with mucus and resembles frozen jelly or jelly. Scales are completely absent. However, there are various growths on the body, the functions of which are unknown, perhaps they help in camouflage. There are also fins - two on the sides and one caudal, although they are poorly developed.


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