Earn crypto while searching on Presearch Search Engine

What is Presearch?




Presearch is a Decentralized censorship-resistance search engine (like google) which rewards it's users with 0.25 PRE Tokens every time you perform a search!

Presearch pulls it's data from the biggest internet search engines so you can find info for pretty much anything you like, just like you would on google!

Here is what comes out when I type LeoFinance on Presearch and Google

On Presearch


On Google


The results are almost identical but there is a major difference! I just earned 0.25 PRE Tokens when I searched LeoFinance using Presearch!

One PRE Token is worth 0.03$ and you can earn up to 20 PRE every day! That's a free $0.60 daily with today's PRE prices. PRE'S all time high is $0.80 (just saying)!



One more cool thing about Presearch is that you can stake your PRE and add trafic to your website! Here is what the staking format looks like!


Keep in mind that you must own at least 1000 PRE if you want to stake and you can un-stake your PRE balance anytime you feel like to! It's actually a really cool way to advertise your project/work if you ask me!


Join Presearch



All you have to do to start earning PRE tokens is to create an account on Presearch, install their browser extension and set Presearch as your primary search engine!

Sign up on Presearch by clicking on the link bellow and happy earnings 😃 (affiliate link)



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