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Earn Daily Wallet Cash on Offers, Games & Articles.


If you're seeking the best money-making app, look no further. Your search has come to an end.
With FRIZZA, you can get an instant reward to earn wallet cash and withdraw money from your frizza wallet via paytm or UPI.

If you are looking for money-earning apps, games & quizzes, you are in the right place. The FRIZZA app will help you earn hundreds of rupees in your paytm wallet or UPI (all bank UPIs are supported)from anywhere & at any time. When you’re bored at home, out commuting, or you have any spare time, wouldn’t you like to make some free easy money? Download FRIZZA to start monetising your free time instantly and earn wallet cash.

Earn wallet money with the best money-making app now with your mobile mini-job that is not only simple but also enjoyable. You have instant rewards and cash waiting for you! Take advantage of the opportunity to earn wallet money and withdraw cash immediately via paytm wallet or UPI transfer! FRIZZA is paving the way for its users to get instant rewards and earn money every day by doing simple tasks, reading articles, filling surveys & playing lots of free games, once you reach Rs.30 (lowest in the market), you can redeem and earn wallet cash immediately in your paytm wallet or UPI

STEP#1. Complete simple tasks, read articles, fill in surveys and play lots of free games to accumulate wallet reward money and transfer the money immediately to your paytm wallet or UPI.
STEP#2. Once you reach the minimum wallet money threshold, you can exchange it for real paytm cash or UPI transfer.
STEP#3. The following are the minimum thresholds for the free gift cards:
Minimum wallet money in your wallet must be Rs.30/-(By the way, we provide the smallest cash out threshold, which is just 30 wallet money to earn wallet cash in your account or paytm)
STEP#4. Play 1000+ quizzes on FRIZZA, without any additional costs, and earn hundreds of rupees quizzing your friends.
STEP#5. Watch entertaining videos on the go, the latest Bollywood gossip, the latest sports video, and many more.
STEP#6. Earn wallet cash and withdraw money instantly via paytm wallet or UPI.
STEP#7. Use your unique referral code to earn extra reward money.
STEP#8. Get all your paytm money earning apps and games in one place.

As easy as that. Just enjoy your money!

Every task, survey, or action you complete adds instant wallet rewards that you can use to withdraw money immediately in paytm wallet or UPI to earn hundreds of rupees.

FRIZZA rewards its users with paytm money or UPI transfers whenever they complete a simple task, such as referring other users or checking in every day.

FRIZZA is always offering new tasks, articles and games everyday, with more being added all the time.

Money-earning apps and games are always being added, so be sure to check back every time you complete tasks, surveys and earn wallet money.
NO Vouchers or Gift Cards – You are paid instant wallet rewards in your wallet!

Our members are our top priority. Should you have any problems with your experience on our platform, please reach out to [email protected] and we will get back to you within 1 business day.



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Telegram -[https://t.me/frizzamoney](https://t.me/frizzamoney)

PINTEREST -https://in.pinterest.com/frizzain/

So what are you waiting for? Download FRIZZA and start earning wallet cash!


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