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Profit strategies from shortening links 2021

Profiting from a shortcut may be one of the oldest and most famous ways, there are many Arabs who have started their career in profit from the Internet in this field.

Profiting from shortening links is one of the easy and simple areas that may bring you good amounts and does not require any prior experience,


However, the presence of a source of visitors who click on your link, and for every thousand clicks, you will be charged a commission that may sometimes reach 10 dollars, depending on the country from which the visitor comes.

In order to get more visitors, we will explain how to use Google trends, which shows you the trending topics currently or over the past days and months, and we will explain some effective strategies to profit from shortening links, in addition to some other strategies.


The financial returns of this field may not be high. In fact, I do not think that it is feasible for you to choose this field to work on in the future.


But I think that it is one of the most suitable fields for beginners who need simple capital and do not want to spend from their own money.


The best thing in general is not to spend from your own pocket at first, but try to collect capital from the Internet, as this area is suitable for that. On a good working day, you may be able to save enough money to buy your own domain and buy professional hosting for your website or blog.

There are many strategies to profit from a shortcut, and all of them are effective and generate some money when you apply them correctly. Almost everyone in this field has ways and strategies for profit, and it is difficult to make someone share his exclusive method with you, but I will explain some proven and effective ways to work

Social Media

Owning a blog or website


The most important link shortening sites

Here, dear readers, are some of the best URL shorteners:


Bit.ly is a website that does not display ads but provides you as a publisher with statistics service


linkrex.net is a well-known and trusted site and you can earn 2-6 dollars per thousand impressions and pay via Payoneer and Paypal


shorte.st and this beautiful site enables you to earn 5- 15 dollars per thousand impressions and you can receive "money on PayPal as well


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