Earning on Bothered Otters

Bothered Otters is a kind of cryptogame. According to the game's legend, the otters he was experimenting on are escaping from an evil scientist. While escaping from him, the otters took with them the code to his vault with Solana tokens. These tokens are used by the fugitives to pay for their asylum. In fact, we will be providing asylum for the otters. The tokens themselves are already being traded on exchanges and are growing in value nicely:



We will earn money by presenting these very shelters. And to do that, we'll just need to click on the "Offer Shelter" button every hour. In addition to free Solana tokens, by clicking every hour on the "Offer Shelter" button, we get the opportunity to get an NFT token, which can then be sold. In total, the Bothered Otters project will give away 10,000 NFTs. 

After all 10,000 otters have escaped from the scientist's lair, they will leave gold tickets as a gift to those who provided them with the most comfortable shelters, a complete randomness here. Gold ticket holders will be able to pick up an NFT with an otter by paying 3 Solana tokens. Those who don't want to collect will be able to sell those tickets. Most likely those who get a golden ticket can sell it for about 1-1.5 Solanas.

1) Go to the link and click on "Offer Shelter" at the bottom:

Offer Shelter.

2) Next, we need a Solana wallet. After clicking on "Offer Shelter" choose any of three options and create a purse.

3) Authorize through Twitter and subscribe to their account.

4) Every hour we press the "Offer Shelter" button and get a small amount of Solana tokens on our purse. If you click on "Offer Shelter" a certain number of times, you increase your level. The higher the level, the more likely you are to receive rewards.

That you do not forget to press the button and you in general was easier, leave an open tab with the site (so that it was in your sight) and in parallel when you sit in the Internet, just every hour, enter captcha.

5) Then either invite at least 2 people from their link, invited people must be at least 6 times offer refuge, to be counted. Or offer refuge more than 24 hours (ie not for 24 hours, but just 24 times). This is necessary to increase the level of confidence of otters to you (this doubles the chances of getting a golden ticket).


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