Earnings in tik tok

Tik Tok does not have an official affiliate program, like YouTube, where you get paid for your views. There used to be an unofficial one, where top bloggers received a personal offer from the social network, signed an agreement with Tik Tok, and were given bonuses for their views. The bonuses could then be converted into real money. But as of January 2020, Tic-Toc stopped this program.


Features of monetizing a TikTok account


Perhaps in the future, Tik-Tok will resume the affiliate program, but for now we have to look for other ways to monetize the account.


What are the peculiarities of monetization on this site:


It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have here. What matters is the number of video views, likes and comments, as well as the length of time you watch your videos. If a blogger has a million subscribers and videos get a thousand views each, that's bad.

The age of the audience. Despite the fact that more and more people over the age of 20 are joining TikTok, it's still a social network for teenagers. And, accordingly, content should be created for them. Such an audience is not very solvent, and so far there are few advertisers in this social network.

Trends in TikTok are changing at breakneck speed. To stay popular, you need to generate a lot of content and constantly look for new ideas for videos.

You can't put a clickable link to the site in the profile or below the video. Because of this, it's hard to redirect users to a specific resource. They have to copy the address of the site and insert it manually in the browser, because of this you could lose some traffic. But the social network is testing links in the profile, so maybe in 2020 it will be possible to add them to the profile.For now, it is possible to redirect traffic from Tik Tok to Instagram or YouTube, and there you can put clickable links.

TikTok hates scams. They are detected very quickly, for which you can get a shadow ban account. Therefore, to earn you have to focus all your efforts on content. Just investing money in scoring views and making money from it here will not work.

That said, there are more pros than cons to Tic Toc. Free video coverage, the ability for any video to get into recommendations, a lot of ready-made ideas (take a popular hashtag and make a video, shoot a duet, a reaction to someone else's video). So it is possible to make money in TikTok, which is confirmed by many examples, but first things first


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