Earnings on the Internet without investing - 20 best ways to 2021 without cheating and invitations to withdraw real money

Method 1: Fulfillment of tasks in the buks

Buks - a site, a system where advertisers create simple jobs with the aim of advertising something. Fulfill their performers (ie, people who want to make money) for a certain amount.


It is possible to earn money on beeches by means of the following methods:


Fulfillment of various tasks, such as registration on sites, voting, likes, reposts, joins the group, installing applications on the phone, investing, transferring credits, writing reviews, etc. ;

Surfing (viewing ads on sites);

Test fulfillment;

Reading promotional letters;

Work on the beads is very simple, does not require much knowledge and skills, and therefore low-paying. Suitable for anyone, though a schoolboy or a pensioner.


You can work at any convenient time for you. Jobs are always there. Money for the work enrolled in the personal office of the service, and there are a lot of them, from which they can then be withdrawn to the electronic purses.


There are extensive separate instructions about bookmaking at our website, so I'm not going to give technical details in this article. Everything is described in detail with screenshots and video tutorials at the links below:


How and how much can I earn from clicks and surfing? 30 booklets for earning without investments that pay well

Would I recommend bexes to newbies? I do, because I myself have started with beeches. At most I managed to earn a month in beads - is 500 rubles. The above ways of earning can be combined. I do not recommend to stay long in beeches, because there are no special prospects, and the same type of work sooner or later bored. You can safely start with beeches, while studying more complex and high-paying options to earn money online.

Method 2. Comments on demand.

Earning on paid comments is also a great start for beginners. The essence - you leave a comment on a certain article, on a forum, on a Youtube video or a post in social networks and get money for it. Customers usually require comments of a certain nature:





On average, the fee for a comment of 2-10 rubles, and its length varies from 150 to 300 characters without spaces (which is 2-4 lines of text). Services where you can earn more on comments, we've described them in a separate article: Earnings on comments - 8 main ways + 22 sites where you can write comments for money.


What is required of the user? You need a meaningful text on the subject of the article. That is, comments like "Cool!" and "Cool" won't do. What kind of comments, for example, would be appropriate for this article if I ordered paid comments?


Share my experience of making money online without investing. It would be great if you could tell me what you tried and what results you got;

Ask me a question about the subject of the article (something to clarify, correct). Constructive criticism is also welcome.

Your text should be unique, that is, not copied from somewhere else. Uniqueness is easy to check in the online service Text.ru


I once worked for QComment, and per hour I managed to earn 50-100 rubles. And the site has a rating system, which affects the payment. The higher the rating, the higher the payment, so you can earn much more.

Method 3. Earn on reviews

Look around you. Do you have a lot of stuff? Home appliances? Personal care products? For all the goods and services that you use in life, you can write reviews and get money for it!


The bottom line - register on special sites that are called "otzoviks", post a review and get paid for it:


Written text (paid reviews over 500 characters). Pay, unfortunately, not much - from 2 to 10-15 rubles, depending on the subject;

Views review. If the person got to your review and read it, you will receive a small reward (from 0.01 to 0.1 rubles);

Commission for the purchase of goods or services from the review. Here there are no specific figures on earnings, because it all depends on the value of the product for which you will write a review. Also here you can get income from people who will use your affiliate link will use the cashback services (more information about this in a separate article about earnings on reviews).


On what topics to write reviews? Popularly used appliances, hotels, travel (yes, you can write not only about goods). People leave reviews on everything you can. Books, games, movies, cities, universities, knickknacks, personal care products... Sometimes you can find such reviews:

The good thing about writing reviews is that you are free to be creative. You can write about anything you want, as much or as little as you want, no restrictions. No one will scold you if you write with mistakes, and the fee for this will not be reduced.


How to improve a review and make it popular:


Try to be honest about the subject of the review. Constructive, positive, negative - everything is allowed!

Write competently, divide the text into paragraphs. A solid canvas to read at least unpleasant;

Insert pictures (author, made by yourself);

It is clear that your review may not be the only one, and a lot of views will be received by the one which is higher (more users have voted for its "usefulness"). To easily break into the top - make friends on otzovik. Offer reciprocal likes and subscriptions and you will quickly climb the rating.


How much can I earn? Most of the feedback providers average between 5 and 30 rubles per review. Therefore, it is difficult to earn a lot of money. Through cacheback services you can potentially earn more, but it is more difficult to do so. Personally, we have not been able to earn much, on average 300-500 rubles per month. But there are those among our readers who earn ~ 20,000 rubles per month on reviews:

Method 4: Earnings from Surveys

Another way to make money on your opinion is by taking paid surveys. You have to answer questions, on a certain topic, for which you get money. One survey takes about 10-30 minutes, and the average payment is difficult to designate. Can give 10, 50, 100, 200 rubles - it all depends:


The length of the survey. The more questions - the higher the payment;

Frequency of surveys. Obviously, that for 10 tests you will get more than for 1.

During registration for the surveys, you will need to fill out a questionnaire that reflects data such as:



Marital status;


Work experience;

Car or real estate ownership;


It is necessary for the site to pick up the appropriate questions for you. This type of earnings without investment is convenient because you can take surveys both at the computer and on the phone, while you get to school / work in public transport. I recommend reading my full article about paid surveys, in which I talk about the nuances of making money, as well as giving you the 18 best sites that pay for tests:


How and how much can I earn from surveys online? Top 18 best pollsters


You can earn on average from 500 to 5.000 rubles per month on surveys. Notifications of new surveys will come to you by email. You can do them at any convenient time.

Method 5: Earn money by watching videos

I love watching all kinds of videos on YouTube just for fun and I was incredibly happy to learn that you can get money for it!


You can make money from watching videos:


On the bookmates I told you about above;

On special sites.

What is required from a person? Just turn on the video and watch it for some time or until the end. In parallel with watching it, you might be required to like it or write a comment (the payment is higher, respectively). For 1-2 hours you can earn 50-100 rubles. The work is simple and the payment is appropriate. Read the detailed instructions on this kind of earnings without investment on our site:


Earnings from watching videos on the Internet without investment with withdrawal of money - 10 popular sites + 5 additional types of video earnings

Method 6: Earnings from mobile applications

Modern smartphones allow you to play cool toys, watch movies/series, read books and browse websites. Phones can be used not only for entertainment, but also to make money.


How many ways do you think there are to make money? One, two? You guessed wrong - I know of 15 ways to make mobile money! Here are a few of them:


Earnings from downloading and installing apps;

Earnings from social networks;

Earnings from surveys and reviews;

Earnings from field assignments;

Earnings from photos.


All these ways of making money using your phone, I discuss in detail in this article: Money Making Apps (mobile earnings) - 15 ways to make money online without investing from your phone on Android or iOS

Method 7: Earn money from games

I love playing computer games, don't you? For me it is a way to have fun, relax and escape from reality for a while. But when I found out that you can make money on video games, it became not only my hobby but also a source of income.


You don't have to play them. You can make money from copywriting, creating a gaming site, and promoting a themed community. Here are just some of the ways to make money on games:


Selling game items;

Earn money on streams and videos;

Mentoring (help from experienced players);

Earnings on eSports;

Game tester;

Gaming journalism.

All of these ways of making money we discussed in detail in the following articles:


What is a streamer, who is a streamer and how to become a streamer, how much can be earned on it + 5 services for streaming and instructions on how to configure streaming on Twitch.tv

How to earn in Steam: 10 best ways to earn money

Many people will think that making money from games is bullshit and impossible to do. But I've been writing about games for a few years now, and I recently became an employee of a gaming site. Of course, much on this you will not earn, but in the aggregate comes out about 10,000 rubles a month. The main thing is that I like it, and from the work I get pleasure!


Method 8. Earnings on recognition of captchas


When surfing the Internet or registering on a site you might come across a captcha:

Requires you to enter text from a distorted image or check the right images - this is a defense against bots. Where do bots come from? They are created by programmers and hackers. To the bot could automatically register on the site, created special services, where customers give the captcha "to verify", and performers (in this case, we) solve it for money. Nothing difficult - just enter the characters and that's all! Unfortunately, very little money, on average, earnings per hour will be 1-10 rubles, and for one unraveled captcha pay 0.01 rubles.


More about this kind of earnings, as well as a few more captcha-services you can learn in the following articles:


Earnings from captcha entries on the Internet - 5 proven services


How and how much can I earn at RuCaptcha service?

Method 9: Earn money from teaser ads


The essence of earnings - viewing teaser ads in the browser. Unlike surfing, it is not necessary to search for a task, go to the sites and stay there for some time. The ads appear by themselves, in the browser, and stay there for 10-60 seconds. This is what these ads look like:

All you have to do is install an extension in your browser that will show ads, and that's it! It appears unobtrusively when you spend time on the Internet, and you don't have to do anything to get money! Sometimes a site may offer an additional way to make money in the form of ad link clicks.



One display is on average estimated at 0.02 rubles, and, obviously, this way you can't earn much. But you do not need to do anything! Turn on the extension and go about your business, while the account is dripping pennies.

Method 10. Yandex Toloka

Yandex Toloka service is very similar to the bookcases described in the first method of earning money on the Internet without investment. The similarity is that you are given a task, after completing which you receive payment.


I decided to single out this service as a separate type of income because types of jobs in Tolok different from conventional beeches. Working in Yandex Talk you become in fact a moderator of Yandex search engine, helping to clean up the search results from toxic sites, images, videos, mistakes, etc.


To start earning in Tolok you do not need any special knowledge. You only need to register and you can start performing tasks. Strongly much here will not earn (1.000-10.000 rubles. per month), The amount of income depends on. how long you will work, as well as on your rating, which increases as your work.



For more details on this kind of earnings without investment read a separate review: Yandex Toloka - how and how much you can earn, user reviews, tricks, personal experience

Method 11. Earnings from copywriting, rewriting

One day I got a task on the Exchanger - to register at the text exchange Etxt, complete the task and get 6 rubles for it. This was my acquaintance with copywriting, though I didn't even know such word then. But from that moment to this day, it became my hobby and my main source of income.


My first order was just the description of the store for the site with coupons. It took me 2 hours to write the text in Word. As a result I got 36 rubles for it. After such a low pay such jobs in the buksah I did not take any more, and began to look at jobs on the exchange market Etxt, where you can earn substantially more.


Writing texts is not difficult. Professional journalist do not have to be. Orders a lot and they are all diverse. I, for example, started writing reviews of various computer games. I love to play, not bad at it, so I do not find it hard to describe the nature of some game and express my opinion.


The easiest thing to write articles on what you are good at. During my experiments with different kinds of making money online, I've figured it out and now I write articles about it. It's like talking to a friend, only you're not communicating out loud, but through text. Even now, as I'm writing this article, I imagine that I'm communicating with a friend who doesn't know about making money online and asked me to tell him about it.


There are plenty of copywriting exchanges on the Internet, so I recommend registering on at least a few. Pay due attention to filling out your profile, as well as preparing a portfolio of your work, this will help you to find interesting customers and take in the work of well-paying jobs.


You should treat your work responsibly, because each customer may rate you and provide feedback that will be visible to other customers. If you ruin your reputation, you may lose interesting and expensive orders.


Over time, you will have regular customers. I started working directly with some of them. This allows you to earn more money: you do not need to waste time looking for new orders, and pay a commission to the exchange.


There are many nuances in this sphere and we have gathered enough materials on our website that will help you to better understand the topic of copywriting and will teach you to write great texts. By the way, we have a section Searching for authors. If you are confident in your abilities, then send us an application.


And here are the promised materials:


Who is a copywriter and what he does, what is copywriting and how to earn decent money at it.

What is rewriting (copywriting), who is a copywriter and what does he do, how to make money at it + step by step instructions on how to become a rewriter from the zero

What is SEO-copywriting, examples of seo-texts + instruction on how to become a seo-copywriter from scratch

Earnings on articles: a complete guide for beginners + 28 places where to find clients and a list of useful services for work

83 best copywriting sites to earn money for beginners and professionals

How to write an interesting and high-quality article.

How to earn online with Advego


There is a special section with articles in which we show how to write strong texts using specific examples. We analyze how to collect information, how to clear the text from "garbage", where to begin an article, how to build a correct structure

Method 12. Earning on your knowledge (paid consultations)

A person who is an expert in a certain area can earn on paid consultations. Here is a list of popular areas:






financial counseling;




weight loss;




website and online store promotion;


Who are the clients? Schoolchildren, students, the elderly, individuals, entire companies. Customers in this area can always be found. For example, a person is in a bad situation and he needs advice from an experienced lawyer. Or a student can not understand some science.


How to conduct a consultation? It is possible to use Skype (voice and/or video communication), icq (or other messenger), social networks. These nuances are negotiated with the customers.


How to attract customers? Here are a few ways:


Thematic forums. You can participate in lively discussions, answer users' questions and leave your contacts, in case the person wants to "learn more";

Your own website/page or a group on a social network;

Freelancing exchanges. This method can be seen as a freelance service, so you can also post a vacancy on these sites. For example, fl.ru is suitable for experienced consultants, and Moguza and Kwork are suitable for beginners.


Sites with vacancies and jobs. For example, Work.ru, Superjob, HeadHunter.

How much will you be paid for a consultation? You decide on the price personally, based on your skills and experience.Some charge a few thousand rubles per day, others prefer hourly pay, and others set a total price for the work.


Method 13. Help with homework, essays, term papers


This method is suitable for pupils and students. To be honest, I can not always cope with the flow of homework and order it from other people who understand the subject better. Adequate price for the task I find 200-300 rubles (many such and offer), but sometimes people put forward the price of 1000-1500 rubles for a simple task!

What is needed: to understand a subject. For example, mathematical problems are difficult for people studying in the humanities. And if you know how to solve math - you can offer them to do the task for money.


Consider two cases. The first is that you work for yourself. You need to find a person who needs help yourself, and offer him your services. Most often this can be done:


On thematic forums;

In groups on social networks;

Among classmates;

On special sites.

Working on your own, you will face serious competition, which will often cause you to lower the price tag. On average, for homework you can get from 100 to 500 rubles, for a term paper - from 2000 to 10000 rubles, for a diploma - even more. Try to do the work quickly and correctly - and then the "word of mouth" will do its job.


It is also worth paying attention to special sites where you can help students from around the world. They are similar in type to booklets and text exchanges - students or schoolchildren place an order, and you apply for its fulfillment. Examples of such sites:



Make lessons;




The second case is working in an agency. In this case, you start working in a team, where one person promotes your services, and you do the work. In this case, you don't have to look for work yourself, there is no competition, roughly speaking (except between agencies, but this issue is not up to you), but the payment is lower.


Do not be intimidated by the word "agency". It could be a small team of students who have a group on Vkontakte and just wants to make extra money. I'm sure they will not refuse your help.

Method 14. Earn money on social networks

What social networks do you use? I sit in Vkontakte, Instagram, Telegram ... Social networks have become an integral part of our lives (especially among young people), and, besides entertainment, for some they have provided work with good earnings.


You, too, can start earning on social networks right now! We will look at three ways to make money.


Fulfillment of tasks (likes, reposts, subscriptions)

Several actions are common on social networks - likes (the "Like" button), reposts (the "Share with..." button) and subscriptions (add a person as a friend). They raise the popularity of a group, community, or person and open up opportunities to make money from advertising (discussed a little later).


But gaining popularity "the honest way" is long and tedious, so people order likes, reposts and subscriptions for money. And you can make money from it right now!


What you need:


Have a live account (with a real photo, friends) in one of the following social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Google+, YouTube;

Sign up for a site with social networking tasks (bookends or special services).

In a separate article I tell in detail how to earn on likes, reposts, subscriptions, and also make a review of 7 services: How to earn on likes, reposts, subscriptions in social networks? We have another cool article about making money on Instagram: How to make money on Instagram - Top 10 ways.

Community administrator/moderator

If you spend a lot of time on social media, you can take on the job of administering or moderating a community/group. What your duties will include:


Creating content (it can be text, pictures, videos - depending on the theme of the group). Usually requires 3-5 posts per day;

Cleaning comments from spam;

Communicating with the audience;

Cleaning subscribers from deleted accounts.

Payment is low and averages between 1,000 and 5,000 rubles a month. For example, the site where I work has a group in Vkontakte, and our moderator gets 2,500 a month.


Where to find a job?


The first option - is to enter into any search engine the phrase "Administrator of social networks", "Administrator of social networks", "Instagram Administrator", "Vkontakte Administrator", etc. The search engine will bring up various sites with vacancies, among which will be both well-known job sites like HH.ru or Career.ru, and ads on other sites, bulletin boards, etc.

The second option is to search for jobs on freelance exchanges: fl.ru, weblancer, work-zilla and the like.

The third option is to contact directly the administrators of various large communities in various social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook).

The fourth option - to subscribe to large groups and publishers. When they need employees, they can post a vacancy in the news or on the wall of the group.

The fifth option is to find groups in social networks dedicated to remote work, freelancing. There, too, information about similar vacancies is periodically posted.

Promotion of accounts in social networks

This type of earnings does not require investment, but will suit those who know how to promote accounts in social networks. Promotion usually means increasing the number of subscribers, likes, activity in the group.


You can promote your accounts by both paid and free methods. By paid promotion we mean targeted advertising, placing paid posts in other groups, using special services that help, for example, to create an automatic addition to friends. And these services cost money. This money can be taken from the client, in payment for your services.


By free ways of promotion we mean manual addition to friends, likes, commenting on other people's photos and news, answering other users' questions in competitors' accounts, etc.


I recommend practicing on your own account, mastering all the methods, figuring out how it works. And only then try to make money out of it. Clients may demand to see the results of your previous works to verify whether you are a real professional or a scammer. And if you have something to prove your competence, you can discuss the details of collaboration.


Selling accounts

There are special exchangers on the Internet where you can put your account for sale. You can sell the accounts of the following social networks:









And in this screenshot are Instagram accounts. Here I purposely sampled low-cost accounts, some of which are registered to ordinary individuals.


But let's be realistic, the person who buys an account is interested in the potential income from that account. It's unlikely he'll be interested in the account of Zhora Pucheglazov from the village of Ryabinushka who has 150 friends and 3 publications on the wall. Buy accounts with a large number of real "live" subscribers.


Who sells such accounts?


Usually, it is done by those who are bored with the chosen direction, and the account owner wants to change the activity or choose another niche.


Where to get such an account?


Make one! Creating a group in any social network is easy. You need to regularly fill it with content. If it will be interesting, then, sooner or later, the group will gain permanent readers and subscribers.


Well, in addition to selling your account, with such a group will be available and other ways to make money, which we discuss in the next section.


Read also: How to make money in VKontakte - 18 best ways to make money in VKontakte in 2021, + live examples and personal experience

Creation and / or sale of ready-made photos and graphics

This way of making money without investing is partially intertwined with the method 13: Earnings from photos, which is described in more detail further. But if it is only about making money from photos taken with a DSLR camera or a good smartphone, then it is about making various pictures, memes, caricatures, logos, group designs, etc.


If anyone, who has at least a taste for photocreativity, and at most, who has taken some specialized courses in photography, can do photos, then the creation of graphics is designed for experienced designers.


Graphics are also used by bloggers and content managers to publish posts and design groups and communities.

Method 15. Blogging

This way of earning refers to social networks and it could be included in the previous section, but I decided to make this option of earning a separate type for the following reasons:


1In the previous section we are talking more about work for hire, when you use your accounts to do some work or one-time errands for other people, such as joining someone's group or giving likes, reposts, working as a moderator, etc. By blogging I mean working for yourself, creating a serious business project. Hence the second distinction.


2Level of income. In the previous section, we're talking about small earnings. On likes and reposts you will not earn much. Working as an administrator or a specialist in the promotion of accounts (smm), you can earn more, but it will still be like a salary for a hired job. And working for yourself, your income is unlimited. The owners of large, well-developed publics earn millions of rubles every month.


By blogging we mean:


Promotion of their own name;

Creation and promotion of a community of interest (group or subgroup on a specific topic: Humor, Business, Citatnik, Cooking, Fashion, etc.).

The first option is more difficult to implement than the second for the reason that you have to be an outstanding personality, so that other people would be interested in reading you and following your life.

Earnings from advertising

This is the most popular way for bloggers to make money. Periodically, between the main posts and photos, they publish advertising of something: children's toys, cosmetics, gadgets, clothes, etc. This is done unobtrusively. Usually the blogger takes a photo, for example, of himself in a new dress and, as if by chance, says that he bought it in such a store.


When you create a small base of subscribers in Instagram of 5-10 thousand, you can count on a stable income of 20,000 rubles per month. Here it's not the quantity of the audience that counts, but the quality. For example, it is possible to sell advertising from 1,000 subscribers. The price of 1 subscriber varies in the range of 1-3 rubles.


How do I sell advertising in my community?

There is another option, to wait for other people to contact you with an offer to promote products/services/community.


You can also use the services of special exchanges:


Epicstars is the most popular and reliable exchange of advertising networks. The main drawback is the high commissions on deals with advertisers. The exchange charges up to 30% of the successful transaction.

Adstamer is the main competitor of Epicstars. The exchange has been working successfully for 3 years and is distinguished by the fact that it has an automatic advertising posting. The platform takes a fixed commission - 10% of each transaction.

Plibber - an advertising platform that allows you to earn from the placement of advertising publications on Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. The agent is charged a commission of 15%. Withdrawal of funds is carried out only with the help of payment system WebMoney.

Affiliate Programs

About earnings on affiliate programs will be a separate large section. Here, in brief, I will say that, in contrast to the earnings from advertising, you are not paid for advertising anything, and pay only for specific clients.


For example, you bought a bluetooth speaker at Aliexpress and post its picture in social networks. Some of his friends may be interested in it, and he will ask you where you bought it. You give an affiliate link to the store. If your friend clicks on the affiliate link and places an order for it, you will receive a small commission for it.

Selling goods

You can sell products not only through the online store, but also through social networks. VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook even have the corresponding functionality, allowing you to make a showcase, upload products, specify the price tag.

You don't have to create a product catalog. You can keep a regular account, post photos, interesting stories, share your thoughts, and in between sell something, like handmade items.

This account talks about the benefits of microgreens, Vitgrass, gives healthy recipes and.... sells microgreens and Vitgrass.


Selling services

Similarly with goods you can sell some services:





Tours and travel;

Personal Training;


Divination, etc.

For more ways to make money from blogging, we described in this article: How to make money in Instagram - Top 10 ways + instructions on analyzing competitors, choosing a niche, a list of services that help in the work.

Method 16. Various types of remote work

Below we are going to consider several vacancies and types of work that do not require any specific knowledge, skills and work experience. Such remote work will be suitable for any beginner, but you must understand that the easier the work, the more people will be willing to do it and, therefore, the lower the payment will be.

On the freelance excрanges you can find a lot of different tasks that anyone can do without special training.

I recommend that you start with this kind of work, but, in the long term, choose a specific direction that you like best, in which you can become a real expert (design, video processing, programming, website creation, arbitrage traffic, smm, etc.) and develop this specialization, undergo training, improve your skills. The better you know your business, the more you will be paid for it.


By the way, if you do not have any knowledge and skills from the field of freelancing, it's no problem. We have several free training courses with detailed video tutorials on our website that will help you master the necessary knowledge:


Fundamentals of Photoshop - This course will teach you the simplest operations with images. You will learn how to cut the background of pictures, insert text, apply different special effects (shadow, stroke, blur, highlighting, etc.), combine different images. As a result of the course, you will be able to create advertising posters, business cards, animated banners, and much more. The course consists of 18 tutorials that you can leisurely master in 1-2 days.

Creating videos and screen recording in Camtasia Studio 8 - this course will teach you how to record video from the screen. Almost all of the videos for our site we create in this program. With this program you will be able to create training videos and not only. The program attracts you with its simplicity. It is easy to learn, although the course contains 30 tutorials and it takes more time to learn than Photoshop.

Well now let's look at some of the most popular and easy remote professions that you can master without much difficulty.

Earnings from typesetting

The job of a text typesetter is similar to copywriting, but here you don't have to make something up. The task is to retype the text into an electronic version from some source. Usually scanned or photographed pages, photos of lectures and the like are used as source material.


The text should be properly retyped and formatted (including formulas and diagrams). The work is usually done in Microsoft Word and e-mailed to the client. On average they pay from 16 roubles per 1,000 characters (there is a cash bonus for diagrams, formulas and hard-to-read text).

But is it safe to work with people by e-mail? And how do you get to a steady income of a couple of tens of thousands of rubles? About this and much more I tell in the article: Typewriter at home - remote work on the Internet on typing for money.


Earnings on transcribing audio files

Earnings from audio transcribing is similar to typing, but instead of the source material, any sound recordings are used. Programs can't do it, so people turn to freelancers.


The work is great for beginners - you need to listen to the recording and type the text. True, orders are not as common, so there are no specialized exchanges for this kind of earnings. But the work you can easily find on the freelance exchanges.

Payment can be either for the entire project or for a minute of audio. The minimum cost per minute - 8 rubles, below this cost it is not recommended to take orders.


To cope with the work faster, you need:


Have good headphones;

Be able to type quickly (to hone this skill can be on the site All10 https://vse10.ru/).

If there are a lot of orders, and you entered the rage - a day you can earn 500-1000 rubles, as does Maxim Pilipets - freelancer from Ukraine.


Placing ads

One more easy way to earn money is posting text on the message boards (Avito, FarPost and others). 

But there are a few nuances:


It is necessary to clarify with the customer on which message boards to place the text;

Not all ad boards are free. If they demand that you pay for access to the board, or even ask for some kind of prepayment - refuse immediately! Such an employer is probably a fraud;

Sometimes the advertising text is given in advance, and you only post it. But if the customer requires you to write the ad yourself - clarify exactly what he wants to sell, what goods are available, the features of the store and so on.

This work does not require much physical or mental effort, so the payment can be low.

Content Manager

A content manager is the person who fills the site with content. That is, for a movie site, content is new movies. To add a movie, you have to write the plot, add pictures and fill in the rest of the information (year of release, director, cast).


This is not an official job, but rather a part-time job. For example, in my spare time to fill the game site, for 1 game pay 125 rubles, takes about half an hour of time. Per month comes out about 3000 rubles.


Special skills are not needed. Is that you have to write a little unique text (eg product description), all other information is googled, or you will give it.


You can find work on the freelance exchanges.

The job of content manager is relevant not only for websites, but also for social networks. This job is very similar to that of an administrator, here you have to post photos and pictures, as well as captions to them. Content Manager - a narrower specialty, which deals only with the content. Administrators have a bigger list of duties: answering comments, cleaning up spam, keeping order in the group, etc.


We have a content manager at our site, too. His duties include posting finished articles, adding pictures, videos, framing quotes, important thoughts. For each article receives 100-300 rubles.


Manager in the online store

Remote work manager in the online store includes:


Advising customers on the phone, as well as in the chat online store and via email;

Processing online orders in the CRM-system, transfer of orders to courier service via an online service;

Sending out commercial offers, etc.

You'll need a stable, high-speed Internet connection, a quiet environment, so that there are no household members running around in the background, such as children, yelling "Mom, we want to eat," and a good headset (microphone and headphones).

Some employers offer official employment, which means that you will receive pension deductions, a record of seniority in the labor book, possibly a social package.


Manager on customer calls

I often get calls from people from the company Rostelekom and offer various services for Internet and television connections. These are managers on customer calls. Their responsibilities include:


Calling the customer base;

Informing customers about different services;

Keeping records.

This work can be done at home. As in the case with the manager of an online store, you will need a good Internet connection, a headset and quiet around you.


The job is suitable for stress-resistant people who like to communicate. You will encounter rudeness while making calls, as not everyone likes phone spam, but the pay for such work is not bad either.


To facilitate the work, it is recommended to work according to a script (conversation script). Usually, the customers provide it. But if you do not receive it, it is better to prepare such a script yourself. This will help you to have a more confident conversation, not to deviate from the topic and competently handle objections from potential clients.


Where to look for remote work and odd jobs (part-time work)?


In the first place are the freelance exchanges:


Work-zilla (service review);





Or on job search sites:







Method 17. Earnings from referrals (affiliate program)

The essence of the affiliate program is when you help some online service or online store to attract new customers by recommending it to your friends, acquaintances and other interested people.


A little terminology:


A referral is a person whom you have invited to the project using a special link. It is given to everyone in a personal cabinet. That is, if I follow this link and register on the project, I will become your referral. And if I will actively work, a percentage of my profits will go to you. This is the basis for earning an affiliate program, which I'll talk about below.

Referrer - the person under whom you have registered. That is, if I register using your link, I become your referral, and you - my referral.

Referral fees - a set percentage that you get from the income of referral (usually 5-20%)

Where does the affiliate program work?


It is present in almost all the ways of earning without any investments that we consider in this article. In your personal cabinet you are automatically given promotional materials: referral links and banners. Example: you are registered in the service Seosprint and started earning money there. Then told about it to some acquaintance and dumped affiliate link to this service. After his registration and start working you will receive part of the money from his income. To be precise, not from his income, but from the percentage that takes the service as a commission. Earned your friend 100 rubles, of which 5% (5 rubles) paid in commission to the service. Here's the commission the service will share with you for helping to attract a new user.

In various online stores: Aliexpress, Pleer, M.Video, Lamoda, Yulmart, and others. For example, you bought some beautiful thing or a gadget. Made a picture and posted on social networking sites, your friend interested in where you bought it. You send them the affiliate link to this product, they make an order, you get the commission.

The educational courses and trainings. There are various courses, trainings and webinars on the Internet, where people are taught everything: how to earn money on Instagram, how to lose weight, how to pump abs with cubes, how to find a second half, how to master 3D modeling program 3ds Max, etc. Almost all training companies and entrepreneurs who provide training have affiliate programs and are willing to pay you a commission for new clients.

Financial products such as loans, credit cards, microloans, etc.

How to attract referrals? The abundance of options fall into two categories:


Free. You don't need an investment, but the payoff is small. It is possible to involve friends, acquaintances, to place promo materials on forums, in blogs, social networks;

Paid. Requires investments. Referrals can be attracted by creating paid tasks on busses, investing in advertising platforms Yandex.Direkt and Google Adwords, placing teaser advertising, buying advertising in blogs and communities in social networks, creating your own site or channel on Youtube.

Personally, I prefer the option of earning money from affiliates through their website. This is a passive source of income. Once you create an article and place an affiliate link there, the money can fall to you for a long time without any of your expenses.

Method 18. Earnings from photos

It's easier to make money from photos than it seems, and you don't even need to be a professional photographer! The creators of websites and blogs, representatives of advertising agencies and mass media need unique photos, and finding them on the Internet is problematic: not suitable quality, resolution or content. That is why they turn to photobanks/photostocks (an intermediary site between photo authors and their buyers).

What will you need? Register on a website where you can sell photos. Also, you must have unique pictures that have not been published anywhere before. You can take them with your camera or smartphone, if it has a good camera.


How can you make money from photos? 2 ways:


One-time sale of the photo. That is, you sell the photo and all, no one else you have to sell it (works on the content exchanges).

Permanent resale. It works on photostocks - after you upload your photo it can be purchased n-o number of times, and you get a percentage of it.

What kind of photos are most often bought?


Portrait photos. Photos of people who are portraying an emotion, a lifestyle, an idea. Example - lovers walking in the park holding hands;

Travel. Sightseeing, city views, or simple travel photos;

Photos of food and groceries. Great for culinary websites. These could be photos of vegetables, fruits or prepared foods, as well as pictures of people enjoying food in a beautiful location (such as on a veranda);

Landscape photos. Beautiful views from the window, images of endless forests, mountains, seas - all these are also popular. You can "play" with light and try to capture sunsets, sunrises.

Popular photostocks:







Some sites require you to pass an exam, upload a couple of the best photos, and if they pass the test, you can upload files for sale. Earnings are suitable for beginners, but do not expect quick profits.


To start making a profit, you need to upload at least 50-100 pictures and then do it regularly. As soon as you stop uploading new photos to your account at photostock, your place in the rating will be taken by other photo sellers and your profit will decrease.

Yandex Zen is a platform for authors. You can post articles, news, notes... Anything! Basically. Yandex Zen is an analogue of a blog. You can host your own blogs on free platforms such as livejournal.com (LiveJournal) and blogger.com. Or, on your own site, an example is the financial blog you are on now.


Yandex.Zen will show your work (the service has a daily audience of around 13 million people) to other users, and in this way you can accumulate views, subscribers and earn money!


The smart service automatically tracks user requests and displays interesting news based on them. For example, if I read articles about video games, I will only see this topic in the Yandex.Zen newsfeed.


What you need: register with Yandex.Zen and start writing articles there

In order to connect monetization, you must:


Gain 7,000 follow-ups in 7 days;

The average viewing time of the publication is at least 40 seconds.

If you managed to do it - you will get money for views. After monetization is connected you need to fill in a form with passport data, attach scanned copies of passport and Social Security Number and sign the offer.


The average payment for 1000 views is from 40 to 150 rubles. To reach a decent level of income, you need to make about 5-10 publications a day, which will take you 3-4 hours (if you have ideas).


How do I make money on other blogging platforms?


Earning there will be more difficult. If we consider Livejournal (livejournal.com), then monetization in this platform will only be possible if you become a popular person, whose materials will be of interest to a large circle of people.


A striking example is Artemy Lebedev, an eccentric designer who keeps his own diary in Zh Zh Zhj. He writes about everything that interests him. Periodically talking about any advertisers, he earns, according to some sources, about 260,000 rubles per one post in Zh Zh Zhj. The cost of advertising in his Facebook account is about 80,000 rubles, and in Telegram - 100,000 rubles.


But since Lebedev's heights will not be within everyone's reach, let's consider an easier option - the Blogger blogging platform from Google.


It is absolutely free, you just need to fill your blog with content, insert advertising blocks in the settings and start making a profit. Yes, in words everything is simple. In fact, you need to have knowledge of SEO-optimization to promote their materials on the first place in search results.


However, if you have mastered the technology to promote sites, in which case it would be better to have your own website on a separate domain. On this site you will be a full-fledged master who can try different ways of monetization, while the above-mentioned free blogging platforms are limited.


If you're unsure whether or not it's your calling to write blog articles, it's best to start with the free platforms. And if you find that you're interested, then you can safely make your own site, the more it is not as expensive as it seems, the cost will be about 150-300 rubles a month. For more information on how to make your site, read more in Creating websites to order.

Method 20. Earnings on file sharing sites

To begin with, this way of earning on the Internet is not as relevant as, say, in the years 2010-2015. After all, back then there were no cloud storage (Dropbox, Yandex Disk, Google Disk, Mega), or they have just started to develop and their cost was too high.


File exchangers are sites that store files and pay their owners to download them by other users. That is, we can upload a movie to a file-sharing site and get money if people download it.


They do not pay for one download, but for 1,000!

For 1,000 downloads you will get from 5 to 20 dollars.

If you think that uploading some movie and dropping a link to his friends Vkontakte you earn something on file sharing, you're wrong. You can earn only if your file will be downloaded by many people.


What you need to make money:


Actual files that will be downloaded. This can be new movies, games, best-selling books;

Sites, social networks, where links to these files will be posted;

Audience that will download the files.

Obviously, the income is suitable for people who have a group in a social network or website. That is, they will already have an audience. Otherwise, the earnings will be meager, or will have to wait long to return.


Best file sharing sites for income:






Let's try to download something on DepositFile. After registration, you will need to download the file. To do this, click 1 and choose a file (I chose the term paper)


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