Easy To Learn - "English"

1. Easy to learn English

      Doyou think that English is something that is difficult to learn? There are more than 10,000 words and forms. Even English has the same sentence pronunciation but different. This causes certain intentions to change to other purposes. Many people, especially students, try to get high TOEFL scores. But the difficulty in learning every sentence. Hardly anyone can score more than 400. A beginner will be confused about which one to do first. For those of you who are interested. There are several steps that can be taken to make someone more proficient in English.

2. Choose at least 20 words in one day to memorize

      The first is general categories such as work, objects, fruits, vegetables, transportation, and others. Then move on to more complex ones. Such as expressions and proverbs. This will expand one's vocabulary in English.

3. Invite your interlocutor to communicate

     By communicating you will get used to responding to other people's words. People understand what you are saying and you understand what they are saying.

4. Watch news in English

       Look and see what is stated in the news. By trying to explain the meaning by reasoning. People will find similarities in words that make them more shrewd in understanding a matter.

5. Play scrabble

        Traditional games played on a board. Ask anyone to spend some free time. You will know to what extent you are able to understand the meaning of each word. This will also trigger you to know a lot about the vocabulary contained in the English language.

6.Speaking English Effectively

     Fluency in English is an important tool for effective communication and self-expression. Knowing English is quite different from being able to speak it fluently. Fluency in spoken English can be achieved only through continuous practice in listening and speaking.If you learned English it's easy for you. Trust yourself speaking English Effectively.


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