Easy way to make 3 different tesy toast

1.pacbhaji Toast


Boiled potato 1/2 cup (smashed)

Tomato 1/2cup (chopped)

onion 1/2cup (chopped)

capsicum 1/2cup (chopped)

Garlic 4-5cloves

Pav bhaji masala 2 tbsp


lemon juice 2tbsp

Fresh coriander 1tbsp (chopped)


 Add all ingredients above mentioned and mix in bowl perfectly. spread a spoonfull of mixture evenly on bread slice and some garnish it some more freshly chopped coriander leaves. it' ready for cooking set temp.of oven at 180 degree C for 8-10 min. 

2. creamy spinach toast


Balanced spinach 1cup (chopped)

curd 1/2cup

onion 1/4cup (chopped)

garlic 3-4cloves (chopped)


pepper powder pinch

red chilli flex 1 tbsp

lemon juice 1 tbsp

panner (grated) for garnishing


Add all ingredients one by one in bowl and mix well properly spread spoonfull mixture evenly on bread slice and garnsih some grated paneer and red chilli flex and then ready bake. also same bake at180dergee C for 8-10 min. and ready to eat. 

3.schezwan paneer toast


paneer 10gm (grated)

capsicum 1/2cup (chopped in small diced)

schezwan sauce 3 tbsp

black pepper powder 1 pinch

spring onion greens 1/4cup ( chopped)

white sesame seed 1 tbsp for garnshing on bread 


Add all ingredients in the mixing bowl one by one mix and combine well

spread spoonful of mixture evenly on bread slice and garnish it with some toasted sesame seed also same procedure for bake 180degree C for 8-10 min. this is delicious recipe i am also try 

I hope you like this recipe you will definitely try at your home your chillderen make happy and this recipe make only in few min.and enjoy. 


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