Eat a butter sandwich and get lazy: a known set of bad habits that are actually healthy

It seems that the modern man is obliged to have exclusively correct habits, abandoning everything that hinders his success. However, many of them should be reconsidered.

Everyone considers these habits harmful, but in fact they are not: we have gathered for you five of the most relevant. 


Procrastination and reading funny articles instead of work

Many people think there's nothing worse than putting things off. However, who of us has not at least once put off to the last minute some important or boring activity, leafing through an endless social networking feed? 


Psychologists say that procrastination is an attempt of the body to hint at something important. For example, that you're really tired, and your brain and body need rest. Or that the case you have to take on will bring you more trouble than pleasure. In essence, procrastination is a self-preservation instinct. 


Is it worth giving in to it? If the result is the loss of a job you love, no. On the other hand, perhaps you should have changed your profession long ago, if your current one causes you so much resistance. So as soon as you have the desire to put things on hold, honestly ask yourself: "Why is this happening? What is behind my procrastination?" 


Doing only one thing instead of ten, and not perfect

The other side of procrastination is perfectionism. Our society lives in a constant competition and race for achievements: it is necessary simultaneously to be the perfect soulmate, an excellent parent, a productive worker, have a bunch of friends and hobbies, do sports and creativity, cook like a professional chef, learn languages, travel... Perhaps robots (and promoted bloggers, whose job is to create the appearance of perfection) can do this, but not a living person. 


Perfectionism leads to neurosis, dissatisfaction with oneself, perpetual comparison with others not in one's favor, and a general disconnect from reality. Being efficient and productive 24 hours a day is not useful, it overloads the nervous system. But you can really benefit from his desire to become a little better than the rest and engage in self-development, if you learn to stop in time. 


Read a book to your child instead of participating in yet another pointless marathon, take up drawing for rest and relaxation, not to take another challenge. That way you'll pump up your skills, and be with your loved ones, and gain strength before the next spurt. 


Eat a butter sandwich for breakfast, not a smoothie.

This item will outrage the ardent adherents of HLS, but familiar to us from childhood prosaic butter breakfast sandwich can actually be more useful than a smoothie. It all depends on the composition of the two, though. 


For example, many fruits increase acidity, which irritates the gastrointestinal tract, so smoothies are not recommended to eat on an empty stomach. In addition, a large amount of even natural sugars leads to an increase in blood glucose levels, which increases the risk of diabetes. And also smoothies do not give a fast and, most importantly, long satiation, so it is easy to drink too much, half an hour later want to eat again, have an extra snack and due to this do not fit into your norm of body fat. 


But a sandwich of wholemeal bread and quality butter has a number of significant advantages. Fiber, a key element of such bread, is a complex carbohydrate, gives a feeling of fullness and energy, which you have enough for a long time, and normalizes the intestinal function. Butter contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, useful for skin, hair and nails, brain and nervous system functioning. 


By the way, butter is not that caloric - 610-750 kcal. For comparison, coconut oil, sunflower oil and olive oil have much more calories - from 800 to 900. So, you should not be afraid of a modest sandwich with butter, even if you are on a diet.


Showering without soap and loofahs

If you like to stand under hot jets 2 or 3 times a day, and then lather up well and scrub your body red-hot with a loofah, you know: you hurt yourself. Excessive or unnecessary contact with water and cleansers can destroy the skin's natural oils and beneficial bacteria that protect us from infection, dry out the outer layer of the epidermis, and cause flaking and itching. 

Dermatologists advise showering as needed, which varies from person to person. For example, if you are not engaged in heavy physical labor or sports, then it will be enough to shower your body with water 1-2 times a day, washing with soap, gel and other cleansers only the intimate area, armpits and legs. Whereas you should not wash your entire body with a washcloth more than once a week.

Drinking a lot of coffee every day

By "a lot" we mean 3-4 cups of 60 ml (150 to 400 mg of caffeine), and by coffee - natural black, without added sugar or milk. This is how much scientists allow a healthy person to drink per day.


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