Eat green onions to get relief from many problems like cold

  1. There are many benefits of eating green onions. It maintains low cholesterol level. It has anti-bacterial properties. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, eating it also improves digestion. Green onions contain chromium.
  2.  Eating green onions increases immunity power. Green onion removes wrinkles on the face. Eating it increases eyesight. Green onions maintain macronutrients.
  3.  Onion is very effective to get rid of the problem of hair fall. Massaging onion juice on the hair stops hair fall. Apart from this, after applying onion paste, the white hair starts turning black again at an early age.
  4.  If the patient of hysteria becomes unconscious, then crush the onion and smell it. Due to this the patient comes to his senses immediately. Green onions also have anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties, which is why it is beneficial for patients with arthritis and asthma.
  5. If urine stops, then make pudding by taking two spoons of onion juice and wheat flour. By heating the pudding and applying the paste on the stomach, urination starts. Boiling onions in water and drinking that water also ends urinary problems.


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